Executive Physical

Your personalized Executive Physical allows you to address all your health needs with your busy life in mind.

Program Details

Your comprehensive health evaluation is rooted in an extensive conversation with a senior member of Mass General’s Internal Medicine staff. You can expect preventive screenings and a thorough discussion of your current health, with time to voice your concerns and receive recommendations for how to maintain a healthy lifestyle at home and at work. Identifying risk factors or early signs of disease provides you with the important knowledge you need to manage your health.


Convenient Scheduling

Our professional client liaisons will work with you or your executive assistant to schedule appointments and coordinate every facet of the visit, minimizing your time away from the office and your personal life. You will receive a detailed itinerary with everything you need to prepare for your visit.


Your comprehensive health evaluation is thoughtfully designed around your individual medical history, American Medical Association guidelines and your personal health interests. Our physicians spend quality time focusing on the issues are important to you. Based on your individual health profile, you may see other Mass General specialists during your visit.


Comprehensive Health Assessment and Medical History

You can expect an in-depth conversation with your dedicated Mass General physician to review your medical history in detail. There is ample time for a thorough discussion of your health and wellness questions and concerns, and you’ll receive recommendations on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle at home and at work.

Physical Exam

Your yearly physical examination takes place during an extended visit with one of Mass General's world-class internal medicine physicians. Based on your individual profile (e.g. age, medical and family history, current health), you may see other appropriate Mass General specialists during your annual visit.

Review of Medications and Immunizations

Each exam is based on age and gender guidelines established by the American Medical Association along with data from your personal health history, which you will provide prior to the exam. You will have an in-depth conversation with your physician about which medications you are taking, and we will ensure that your immunizations are up-to-date.

Lab Tests and Preventive Screening Test

The Executive Health Physical offers you the opportunity to complete health screenings, tests and immunizations that are age and gender specific within our comfortable suite with your dedicated physician and our health experts. If needed, you can see a specialist without leaving the Mass General campus.


Lifestyle Assessment

Optimize your lifestyle for good health. Your Executive Health physician will discuss nutrition, exercise and stress factors in your life and the results of your body composition analysis. Through a session with our expert lifestyle counselor, you’ll also have the opportunity to gain further insights into your health and a strategy for healthy living designed just for you.

Specialized Evaluations

We offer the convenient opportunity for additional important health evaluations while you are on the Mass General campus. (There may be an additional cost based on your employer benefits). Offering everything from an audiology evaluation to an eye exam with a glaucoma screening, to a brain health assessment, our world-renowned physicians and staff will coordinate with your Executive Health physician to deliver excellent care to you.

Referrals As Needed

If you need a referral for a specialized appointment, our program offers the unparalleled ability to coordinate your care across one of the nation’s top hospitals. Our staff will work with you to schedule follow-up care wherever needed at Mass General.


Follow Up

Once test results are available, we'll send you a confidential, detailed report that includes recommendations for future care, tailored educational materials and an action plan for a healthier lifestyle. With your permission, we can also share this information with your primary care physician or other specialists, which is highly encouraged. We will work with you to schedule all needed follow-up appointments. Our wellness emails will help keep you engaged in your good health and well-being.


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Learn how Executive Health Services can provide you with valuable information to help you live a healthier life.


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Take charge of your health by scheduling an Executive Physical: your comprehensive, personalized health evaluation.

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Prioritize your employees health and well-being by offering the Executive Health Services benefit from Mass General.


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