Caring for Dependent(s) (CFD) Travel Awards are for Mass General faculty who need help defraying additional dependent care expenses while traveling to an academic/society meeting.

Sponsored by the Center for Faculty Development

Is caring for a child/dependent making it harder to travel and advance in your career?

Recognizing that one of the obstacles to career advancement is the challenge of traveling while caring for children/dependent(s), the Center for Faculty Development established the Caring For Dependent(s) (CFD) Awards to help you travel. This $500 award* is intended to help defray additional care expenses that go above and beyond care needs, (e.g., extended day care, extended elder care, caregiver travel) while the applicant is traveling to an academic/society meeting which is directly related to his/her academic advancement.

Application Guidelines
  • The CFD Travel Awards provide funding to help make travel to an academic/society meeting directly related to his/her academic advancement possible.
  • The applicant must have plans to attend a professional meeting within the timeframe stated in the official Call for Applications.
  • Faculty/postdoc must apply in advance of the trip that requires support and may not receive support for an event that has already occurred.
  • Please note: only completed applications will be considered.
  • These awards are specifically allocated to the conference and care arrangement stated on your application, and may not be transferred to another academic/society meeting or other care arrangement.
  • MD, PhD, or equivalent advanced degree.
  • Responsible for care of children/dependent(s).
  • Trip must be an academic/society professional meeting for the purpose of advancing your career (e.g., presenting at an academic/society meeting [abstract/paper/poster] or receiving a society award/honor).
  • Faculty must have an academic appointment at Harvard Medical School.
  • Faculty and postdocs must have a primary appointment at the Massachusetts General Hospital.
Award Expenditures
  • Awards may be used for the following:
    • Awards may be used for the following expenses listed in the budget outline on your application:
      • Travel expenses for children/dependent(s).
      • Travel expenses for children/dependent(s)'s caregiver (not family members) during trip with the sole purpose of caring for the children/dependent(s).
      • Expenses for additional child/dependent care at home during the trip.
      • Expenses for child/dependent care at meeting site.
    • Awards may not be used for the following:
      • Conference registration.
      • Personal travel expenses for faculty member or postdoc.
      • Payment to family members (including in-laws) for child/dependent care expenses.
      • Other expenses not associated to the additional care or travel of the children/dependent(s).
    • Support is considered taxable income under Federal Tax Law.
    • Awardees must provide original receipts and/or invoices in order to receive payment under Mass General Brigham's Reimbursement Policy and must attest that these expenses were used for child/dependent travel or additional care.
    • Amount of payment will not exceed $500 of incurred expenses.
    • Documentation of expenses must be submitted within 30 days of the travel return date
Information Requested
  • Meeting/conference Information.
  • A brief description of how attending this conference will advance your career and academic rank.
  • Description of how the $500 will be spent (e.g., extended day care, extended elder care, caregiver travel).
Published article Bredella MA, Olson L, Patel KA, Levy AS, Leyne M, Sylvia LG. Caring for Dependents Travel Awards to Promote Career Advancement of Early Career Faculty with Caregiver Responsibilities. J Gen Intern Med 2023 May 31.

List of Award Recipients

2020 Round 1 - Travel between April and August 2020

Shinn-Huey Chou, MD Kevin Gipson, MD McKinley Glover, MD, MHS Melanie Haines, MD
Thomas Heyne, MD, MSt Rachel Millstein, PhD, MHS Julian Mitton, MD, MPH
Sarah Wakeman, MD Mengyu Wang, PhD Yunhe Xie, PhD
Korilyn Zachrison, MD, MSc Lilla Zollei, PhD Nicole Zurcher Wimmer, PhD, MSc

2019 Round 2 - Travel between October 2019 and March 2020

Amanda Baker, PhD Katia Canenguez, PhD Sharon Dekel, PhD
Efren Flores, MD Zeinab Hajjarian, PhD Sara Kalkhoran, MD
Hillary Kelly, MD Hiroko Kunitake, MD Nahyoung Grace Lee, MD
Chang Amber Liu, MD, MSc, FAAP Victoria Martin, MD Karen Nanji, MD, MPH
Giselle Perez, PhD Danielle Pier, MD Camille Powe, MD
Raul Uppot, MD Yamini Virkud, MD, MA, MPH Hui Wang, PhD

2019 Round 1 - Travel between April and August 2019

Genevieve Boland, MD, PhD Marya Cohen, MD, MPH Florian Fintelmann, MD
Denise Gee, MD Jessica Gray, MD Elena Hawryluk, MD, PhD
April Jorge, MD Emily Kung, MD Jay Luther, MD
Rachel Millstein, PhD Karen Nanji, MD, MPH Aparna Parikh, MD
Sarita Patil, MD Martin Purschke, PhD Margaret Samuels-Kalow, MD
Davida Schiff, MD Varsha Tanguturi, MD Raiyan Zaman, PhD

2018 Round 2- Travel between October 2018 and March 2019

Emily Aaronson, MD, PhD Hailiang Huang, PhD Aparna Parikh, MD
Kiara Alvarez, PhD Nahyoung Lee, MD John Pezaris, PhD
Laura Dichtel, MD Laura Lewis, PhD Adam Raff, MD, PhD
Joyita Dutta, PhD Jenny Linnoila, MD, PhD Hamid Sabet, PhD
Pouneh Fazeli, MD Chang Amber Liu, MD, MSc, FAAP Lara Traeger, PhD
Deborah Forst, MD Vandana Madhavan, MD Lilla Zollei, PhD
Jennifer Greenberg, PsyD Lidia Moura, MD, MPH Sarah Wakeman, MD
Amanda Guidon, MD Anne Neilan, MD, MPH  

2018 Round 1- Travel between April and August 2018

Marya Cohen, MD, MPH Steven Liang, PhD Margaret Samuels-Kalow, MD
Clarissa Cooley, PhD Nicte Mejia, MD, MPH Dorothy Sippo, MD
Sharon Dekel, PhD Camille Powe, MD Margaret Tuttle, MD
Laura Kehoe, MD, MPH Christina Psaros, PhD Sarah Wakeman, MD
Grace Lee, MD Fernanda Sakamoto, MD, PhD Jia Yin, MD, PhD

2017 Round 2- Travel between September 2017 and March 2018

Marta Bianciardi, PhD Raymond Liu, MD Elizabeth Pinsky, MD
Yen-Lin Chen, MD Amy Ly, MD Gloria Salazar, MD
Catherine Chu, MD Lisa Maeng, PhD Ajay Singh, MD
Efren Flores, MD Caterina Mainero, MD, PhD Amy Yule, MD
Denisa Gace, DO, MPH Giselle Perez-Lougee, PhD  

2017 Round 1- Travel between April and August 2017

Kirstin Birtwell, PhD Florian Fintelmann, MD Nandini Mani, MD
Yin Cao, PhD Susie Huang, MD, PhD Christina Psaros, PhD
Lindsay Carter, MD Nitya Jain, PhD Vibha Singhal, MD
Joseph Ciolino, MD Laura Kehoe, MD, MPH Alik Widge, MD, PhD
Sharon Dekel, PhD Puja Kohli, MD, MMSc Korilyn Zachrison, MD, MSc
Joyita Dutta, PhD Gina Kruse, MD Bin Zheng, PhD

2016 Round 2- Travel between October 2016 and March 2017

Yelena Bodien, PhD Joyita Dutta, PhD Anne Neilan, MD, MPH
Sannisha Dale, PhD Kelly Irwin, MD Yakeel Quiroz, PhD

2016 Round 1- Travel between April and August 2016

Jessica Haberer, MD, MS Jessica McCannon, MD Christina Psaros, PhD
Raymond Liu, MD Anne Neilan, MD, MPH Jason Wasfy, MD

2015 Round 2- Travel between October 2015 and March 2016

Vicki Fung, PhD Kate Jeffrey, PhD Lael Yonker, MD
Yumiko Ishizawa, MD, PhD Phil Lee, PhD Amy Yule, MD

2015 Round 1 - Travel between January and August 2015

Annah Abrams, MD Vera Fridman, MD Shannon Stott, PhD
Martin Aryee, PhD Anjali Kaimal, MD, MAS  
Sharon Dekel, PhD Janet Lo, MD  

2014 Round 2 - Travel between July and December 2014

Marta Bianciardi, PhD Brian Nahed, MD Angela Schmider, PhD
Hanna Gaggin, MD, MPH Shamim Nejad, MD Jan Schuemann, PhD
Sara Looby, PhD John Pezaris, PhD Heidi Yeh, MD
Lynn Matthews, MD    

2014 Round 1 - Travel between January and June 2014

Ami Bhatt, MD Rakesh Karmacharya, MD, PhD Lee Park, MD
Allison Bryant Mantha, MD Elizabeth Lawson, MD Eve Valera, PhD
Eva Chittenden, MD Ruth Lim, MD  
Cristina Cusin, MD MingMing Ning, MD  

2013 Round 2 - Travel between July and December 2013

Beth Costine, PhD Xueyi Li, MD, PhD Jennifer Wargo, MD
Doreen DeFaria Yeh, MD Nina Lin, MD Jennifer Wo, MD
Yumiko Ishizawa, MD, PhD Rosalyn Nguyen, MD  
Amy Juliano, MD Sadeq Quraishi, MD  

2013 Round 1 - Travel between February and July 2013

Patricia Bachiller, MD Deborah Kwolek, MD Jenny Tam, PhD Elaine Yu, MD
Pouneh Fazeli, MD Sara Lazar, PhD Eve Valera, PhD  
Phoebe Freer, MD Nicte Mejia, MD, MPH Robert Yeh, MD