The Center for Faculty Development is excited to announce the launch of the NEW Office for Senior Faculty Transitions!

This office will offer resources to help faculty as they plan for and transition to retirement. Faculty will be able to schedule individual consultations as well as have access to a community of peer support. The office will provide speakers and events centered on retirement, panels on different roles faculty can transition to, and seminars by professional staff on retirement-related issues.

Our Mission

The Office for Senior Faculty Transition will support faculty members transitioning to retirement and offer opportunities to stay engaged in academic activities, such as teaching and mentoring.  

Current Programs
Stephanie and Russ Eisenstat

Course: Re-energize, Reimagine and Reinvent - Crafting the Next Chapter of Your Work and Life
February-May 2022

This nine-session, limited enrollment course is an opportunity for those in mid to late career who are seeking to successfully navigate a work/life transition. Using a disciplined, evidenced base approach, course participants have the opportunity to reflect on their personal journey and understand better their distinctive strengths. This work provides a foundation for reimaging the path forward and proactively shaping a more meaningful and rewarding next chapter. Drs. Stephanie and Russ Eisenstat also provide a wealth of practical tools and resources to support participants in making tangible progress, week by week, in realizing their aspirations for their work and life.

Programs from other offices

Planning for Medicare from MGH/MGPO Benefits
Tuesday, May 31 at 12:00pm
Thursday, June 2 at 5:00pm
Monday, June 6 at 5:30pm

With each trip around the sun, we all get a little closer to thinking about perhaps one day reaping the benefits of having carefully saved during our working years and at the age of 65+ taking advantage of eligibility for Medicare.  MGH HR, Fidelity and ViaBenefits cordially invite you to an introductory seminar that will cover some of the basics of Medicare (including details on MGH’s Retiree Medical Program). 
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Past Programs

Stephanie and Russ Eisenstat

Re-energize, Reimagine and Reinvent: Crafting the Next Chapter of Your Work and Life

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Mid to late career for highly-motivated individuals can be a time of stress and transition, but also a chance to reflect, re-energize, and reimagine work and life. Recent research in the fields of life span development and positive psychology highlights that the old paradigm and mindset of gradual decline into the retirement years is no longer accurate or helpful.

In this webinar, Drs. Stephanie and Russ Eisenstat shared a high-level roadmap as well as practical first steps participants can take to move towards higher levels of intentionality and fulfillment in the mid to late stages of their careers. The webinar also provided an introduction to a course that will be offered, starting in February, for those interested in more deeply engaging in this work. Using a disciplined evidenced based approach, course participants will have an opportunity to reflect on their personal journey and distinctive strengths as the foundation for reimagining the path forward, and proactively shaping a more meaningful and rewarding next chapter.

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Health of your Wealth: Financial check-up for retirement preparation

Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Nora Yousif, Financial Advisor and First Vice President of the Empower Wealth Group at RBC Wealth Management, provided a financial roadmap for those in their 50’s and 60’s to help ensure that participants are on track for a successful retirement transition. She discussed key insights to help protect a family’s financial well-being, reviewed how to help ensure all are on track to retire at their targeted age, discussed advanced strategies to help maximize future social security monthly benefit, reviewed what all need to know as it pertains to Medicare, and pointed out how to avoid investing pitfalls in light of rising interest rates and a recovering economy.

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