Call for Applications for Fall 2021 - due Friday, August 20 at 6:00 pm.

Since 2006, the Office for Research Careers (ORC), with the support of the Executive Committee on Research (ECOR), has offered ESOL for Researchers to the MGH research community twice a year in the Spring and Fall semesters. Many foreign-born research scientists may be hindered by limited verbal presentation skills necessary to present their work both informally at departmental colloquium and nationally at research conferences. The MGH encourages the exchange of research findings and provides support for individuals to achieve this goal by offering this course to researchers. The ORC ESOL course covers speaking and listening skills, pronunciation, vocabulary, and American culture.


Participation in the course is limited to MGH researchers:

  • MGH faculty.
  • Research and Clinical Fellows.
  • Graduate Students.

Spouses, friends, and significant others are not eligible to apply for these courses.


Time Commitment: This course will require a time commitment of one night per week from 5:30-8:00pm starting October 1, 2021. ESOL classes will be between 8-12 weeks based on assigned class level. Classes will be held virtually through Zoom. Attendance is required in order to receive the full benefits of the course. Students with four or more absences from classes will not receive a certificate of completion.

Placement Test: All applicants will be required to take a brief oral placement test prior to the start of the semester. You will receive an email from the Office for Research Careers (ORC) with the date, time, location, and sign-up information for the placement test.

Expectation Statement for the course-
This class will help improve your English in the following ways:

  • Exposure to and use of idiomatic language
  • Pronunciation improvement
  • Listening to English in academic and non-academic settings
  • Discussing both academic and non-academic topics (current events, history, culture)
  • Exposure to American culture
  • Short presentations and small public speaking tasks

This class is not specifically designed to cover the following:

  • Article/abstract writing
  • Individual presentation preparation
  • Medical journal discussion and/or review
How to Apply

The Office for Research Careers is accepting applications online via the Center for Faculty Development (CFD) Award Manager.

This user-friendly system allows MGH researchers to submit electronic applications to the CFD. The system has been designed to allow users to:

  • Create a personal profile which will auto populate your future CFD-related applications.
  • View current calls and apply to open opportunities.
  • Assign a delegate to submit an application to the CFD-related on behalf of the applicant (optional).
  • Save and edit current applications in progress.
  • Submit completed applications.
  • View all your CFD-related applications that have been submitted via the online grants system.

Instructions for Applying Online

To get started, please click the "Click here to apply" button at the top of this page.

  • Create your account: Login using your Mass General Brigham credentials and fill-out the profile information.
  • Complete the 2-part application: Once your profile is complete, you will automatically progress through to the online application. If you cannot complete the application at one time, “save” the application and return to it at a later time to finish. Before submitting your application, you will have the ability to make changes to the application.
    • Part I: The completed ESOL application form.
    • Part II: Upload attestation form signed by you and your Principal Investigator/Advisor.
      1. Download the attestation form provided in the application form.
      2. Complete the form and sign it.
      3. Have your Principal Investigator (PI) also sign the form.
      4. Upload the completed and signed attestation form with application.
  • Submit your application: Once you have completed the application click on the “submit” button at the bottom of the application form. Once you submit it, you will not be able to make further changes unless you send a request to CFD (note that once the deadline passes, request to make changes will not be accepted).

Useful tips:

  • To avoid losing your work, remember to save frequently.
  • You can only upload PDF documents. Limit characters to A-Z, a-z and 0-9 when naming PDF documents. Do not use periods, commas, or dashes in the file name.
  • If you previously created a profile, please ensure your information is current.


Click on the Frequency Asked Questions at the top right of this page. If you still have questions remaining, please submit them via e-mail to