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Our office aims to improve well-being of our faculty, postdocs & graduate students across the career span by designing initiatives to increase resilience and to create a positive work culture that supports well-being.
Photo of Dr. Mehta
Photo of Dr. Mehta


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Confidential Consultation with Dr. Darshan Mehta

Schedule one-on-one consultation where you may speak confidentially and “off the record” about your own personal and institutional concerns.



Resources to help improve mindfulness and meditation skills.



Curated resources regarding exercise and movement.

Resiliency Skills-Building resources page

Resiliency Skills-Building

Resources to help build resiliency.

click here for list of mental health resources

MGH Employee Mental Health Resources

The Office for Well-Being offers this list of mental health resources available to MGH employees at no cost or through the MGB Health Plan insurance,

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News and Events

Meditation Sessions

Meditation Mondays

Mondays, 8-8:30am on Zoom
Join Darshan Mehta, MD, MPH, Director of the Office for Well-Being for a guided meditation session on Monday mornings. Register and receive Zoom link

Midweek Meditations

Wednesdays, 8-8:30am on Zoom
Join a different guest meditation leader every week for a guided meditation session on Wednesday mornings.  
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TEDxMGH January - Life is not always as it seems: Confronting Intimate Partner Violence

For Dr. Erin Bradley shares her story of intimate partner violence, how she tried to balance her core belief that her role as a physician is to heal the broken and the personal nightmare she was living, how she navigated living a double life, and how she got back to a place of joy. Click here for her inspiring story

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Fun Fridays

Fun Fridays offer a refreshing mid-day break from work to indulge in physical, mental, or creative activity.

Upcoming Fun Friday Sessions:

Sessions will resume in the Fall

Past session recordings:

Yoga at Your Desk
Friday, March 22nd | Watch webinar

Painting Demonstration
Friday, April 5th | Watch webinar

Writing for Joy
Friday, April 19th | not recorded

Painting Demonstration
Friday, May 3rd | Watch webinar

Mindful Skin Care
Friday, May 17th | Watch webinar

Visit the Fun Fridays MS Stream channel to watch former sessions.


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Lifestyle Group Coaching

Lifestyle Group Coaching Workshops for Wellness
Information about 2023-24 cohorts coming soon. 

Work together along with facilitator Dr. Beth Frates, lifestyle medicine pioneer and seasoned coach, to identify ways that you can enhance your health and happiness without adding extra time to your schedule. With registration, you’ll receive an e-book of Paving the path to wellness workbook: A guide to thriving with a healthy body, peaceful mind, and joyful heart. This workshop series will have limited spots available.

Facilitator: Elizabeth “Beth” Frates, MD, FACLM, DipABLM, is the Director of Lifestyle Medicine and Wellness in the MGH Department of Surgery and the Director of Wellness Programming at Spaulding’s Stroke Institute for Research and Recovery. She is a lifestyle medicine coach and President-Elect of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine. Dr. Frates is the author of Paving the path to wellness workbook: A guide to thriving with a healthy body, peaceful mind, and joyful heart.

Well-Being Education Grants

The application period has ended for the September 2023 - February 2024 Cycle of the Well-Being Education Grants. The next application period will open in January for the March - August 2024 Cycle. 

These grants (up to $750 per year) will help defray the cost of professional training or continuing education around resilience and well-being. The grant is open to clinicians and investigators who have  identified a program of interest between September 1, 2023 and February 29, 2024. 

Eligibility: Graduate students, post-docs, residents, fellows, and faculty, whether clinicians or investigators. Primary appointment at the Massachusetts General Hospital.

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MGH Wellness Champions

The MGH Wellness Champions were asked to list the three words that represent key values and goals for well-being in our institution. This Word Cloud presents their vision.

Participating faculty and staff in the MGH Wellness Champions program, by department:



Emergency Medicine


Molecular Biology



Obstetrics and Gynecology






Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation


Radiation Oncology




Lectures and Seminars of Interest

Check out this inspiring talk on Well-Being!
As part of the Quality, Humanism and Professionalism series, Dr. Shannon Scott-Vernaglia gave a phenomenal presentation on health and well-being for the MGH Department of Otolaryngology Grand Rounds.
Watch the recording

Check out "Stories that Heal: Supporting Each Other Through the Darkness of Depression"
Drs. Shannon Scott-Vernaglia and Megan Fix confront the sensitive topic of depression, prevalent in healthcare providers but most often left unaddressed, by sharing their own stories. They encourage storytelling as a healing act and a way to decrease the stigma of seeking help and demonstrate how each of us in academic medicine can support one another and change the norm of silence around mental health issues.  Watch the recording or listen to podcast.


Darshan Mehta
Darshan Mehta, MD, MPH
Director, Office for Well-Being (OWB)
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About the Office for Well-Being

The Office for Well-Being at Mass General aims to improve well-being across the career span by designing initiatives to improve resilience and to create a positive work culture that supports well-being.

Dr. Darshan Mehta, Director of the Office for Well-Being, provides individual consultations to clinical and research faculty, postdocs and graduate students. During such consultations, faculty are able to speak confidentially and “off the record” about their own personal and institutional concerns. Emphasis is placed on a holistic approach to well-being including intellectual, emotional and physical health.

Our goal is to have well-being as a routine institutional performance metric with targeted interventions, tailored coaching and incorporating discussions of well-being in professional contexts (e.g., annual career conference). The Office for Well-Being aims to provide resources to promote self-care, working in collaboration with resources across Mass General Brigham including, but not limited to, the Employee Assistance Program, the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine at Mass General, the Frigoletto Committee on Physician Well-Being/Mass General Physicians Organization and the Center for Physician Well-Being in the Mass General Department of Medicine.

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