Thank you for visiting the PWP webpage. Our mission is to support faculty at MGH who are navigating parenthood, through initiatives that promote well-being, build community, support a healthy work-life balance, and foster both personal wellness and professional productivity. Please join our mailing list, and if you are an expectant or new parent, please see the program below.

The MGPO Parental Wellness Program is designed to improve the personal well-being and professional productivity of expectant and new parents who are faculty at MGH. We welcome all family types and invite participants to join the program early in the expectant phase through the first year of your child’s life.

BENEFITS (pending eligiblity):

  • Feeding and lactation stipends
  • Parental Wellness Advocate (PWA) pairings: This is the opportunity to be connected to an experienced parent who provides guidance and practical strategies on navigating parental leave and the transition back to work
  • Opportunity to join virtual new parent groups
  • Access to lactation resources

Due to current limitations with our funding source, only faculty with a primary appointment at MGH are currently eligible to participate. Please contact us at to inquire for possible exceptions.

If you are a MGH faculty member and would like to participate in the program as an expectant or new parent (child <1 year of age), please indicate your interest by completing this form

If you are interested in joining our Parental Wellness Advocate (PWA) roster, please indicate your interest by completing this form. We reimburse $100/hr in recognition that your time is valuable and will email you in advance of any formalized match.

Laura Dichtel and Jo Li on behalf of the MGPO Parental Wellness Program
Contact Us! Please email with any questions/suggestions.

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Ellucid Infection Control Document for Pregnant Women

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