*Currently serving MGH, BWH, BWFH, and MEE*

Thank you for visiting the Faculty Parental Wellness Program (PWP) webpage. Although this page is currently housed on the MGH website, we support all faculty from Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital, Mass Eye and Ear, and Massachusetts General Hospital. We will be moving to a new website soon - stay tuned!

Please see below for information on our Parental Wellness Core Program for new parents and links to helpful resources for all parents and families.

Parental Wellness Core Program for New Parents
Our mission is to support faculty at BWH, BWFH, and MGH who are navigating parenthood through initiatives that promote well-being, build community, support a healthy work-life balance, and foster both personal wellness and professional productivity. If you are an expectant or new parent, please see the program below. All parents are welcome to sign up for our low-volume mailing list.

The Faculty Parental Wellness Program is designed to improve the personal well-being and professional productivity of expectant and new parents who are faculty. We welcome all family types and support participants from early in the expectant phase through the first year of your child’s life.

You can sign up for the program if you meet the following criteria:

  1. Faculty at MGH, BWH/BWFH, and MEE
  2. Expectant parents or parents with a child < 6 months

We welcome faculty of all genders and gender identities. You do not have to be a first-time parent - we welcome all!


  • Parental Wellness Advocate (PWA) pairings: This is the opportunity to be connected to an experienced parent who provides guidance and practical strategies on navigating parental leave and the transition back to work
  • Website with centralized lactation, parental leave, and parenting resources
  • Access to emergency lactation supply programs
  • Lactation and feeding stipends (pending eligibility)

Please note: The Parental Wellness Program currently supports faculty at MGH, BWH/BWFH, and MEE. Please contact us at parentalwellness@mgb.org with any inquiries about eligibility.

If you are eligible and would like to participate in the program as an expectant or new parent (child <6 months of age), please indicate your interest by completing this form. We encourage you to join early in your pregnancy to take full advantage of the program!

If you are an experienced faculty parent and interested in joining our Parental Wellness Advocate (PWA) roster, please indicate your interest by completing this form. We reimburse $100/hr recognizing that your time is valuable and will email you in advance of any formalized match.

Laura Dichtel, MD (Director)

Jo Li, MD (Assistant Director)

Lauren Olson (Program Manager)

on behalf of the Faculty Parental Wellness Program
Contact Us!
Please email parentalwellness@mgb.org with any questions/suggestions.


Resources for All Faculty Parents

Do you have a helpful resource to share that would be great on our webpage? Let us know here!

Preparing for Leave

MGB Parental Leave


Lactation Resources
Mental Health Support

Recommended Media about Parenting

Support groups for parents at MGH

Monthly Online Discussion & Support Group for MomsMonthly Zoom meetings that allow mothers to share and learn with their colleagues, no matter the age of their children. During each session, experts share information, leaving plenty of time for questions and discussion. Mothers are welcome to join and leave the session as their schedule allows. If you’re interested in joining a session, or receiving more information about the Mothers’ Group, please email Joan Sapir: jsapir@partners.org. 

Local parenting groups

GardenParents | Tinyhood - an online forum for parents that started out of the South End and now includes all of Boston and neighboring towns/cities.

South Boston Moms Club - a growing 400-member strong, non-profit organization passionate about supporting Southie and Seaport families and encouraging a strong sense of community. Only for parents with a South Boston/Seaport zipcode.



The Nanny Networkan email distribution list where MGB-affiliated faculty and trainees can recommend and view available nannies in the area and submit posts seeking childcare recommendations.

Childcare through Bright Horizons (MGB Benefit)

MGB employees can access center-based or in-home childcare managed by Bright Horizons. Go to this link and click “Join Today” at the top of the page. You will be prompted to create an account that will link to your MGB information and benefits.

MGB employees have access to the following (and more):

  • Family Concierge Service: Free personalized and unlimited support to navigate your Bright Horizons childcare benefits.
  • Center-Based Backup Care (well child): You can reserve care at the MGH Backup Center, BWH Backup Center or another more convenient participating Bright Horizons location.
  • In-Home Backup Care (well or mildly ill child): You can request an in-home care provider as well. We have been told that care for a mildly ill child at home is harder to fill.
  • 24/7 Bright Horizons Support for urgent needs.
  • Webinars to learn more about your benefits and navigating parenthood (click here for the 2024 schedule).
Family-related Benefits
Grants & Awards that Support Parents
Parenting Webinars & Recordings

Upcoming Webinars

Bright Horizons webinars to learn more about your benefits and navigating parenthood (click here for the 2024 schedule).


Encouraging Independence in Kids

Dr. Elana Kagan explored questions about how parents can foster independence in their children and how to encourage them to take on certain responsibilities. Sponsored by the MGH Center for Faculty Development.

Managing (and Preventing) Anxiety & Depression in Our Children
Based on current research and over 30 years of clinical experience, Lynn Lyons talked about the common traps adults fall into and the key adjustments needed to prevent and help mental health challenges in our kids. Sponsored by the MGH Center for Faculty Development.

Looking Ahead to College Panel
Drs. Sue Slaugenhaupt, Bo Rueda, and Anne Levy shared their experiences with their children heading to college in the aim of creating a community of support and understanding, a safe space to discuss concerns, confusions, and questions. Sponsored by the MGH Center for Faculty Development.

The Crucial C's and Family Meetings
Professional Parent Educator Vicki Hoefle gave a 2-part talk where she introduced concepts and strategies for building and maintaining a cooperative, engaging, and respectful environment for both adults and children, especially when challenging behaviors arise. Sponsored by the MGH Center for Faculty Development.
Part 1 Recording
Part 2 Recording



Parental Wellness Advocate (PWA) Resources