Fertility Center Testimonials


"She was very good at explaining things, she took a lot of time.She showed a lot of respect for the situation I was in and she was very empathetic. She was one of the best doctors I've ever seen."

"I was delighted when after I became pregnant,the doctor personally called me to congratulate me,at six-thirty on a Friday night."

"Listens, explains, great personalities and attitudes in the office. Kind, upbeat and everything you could want.We choose to drive four hours a day to seek his servicesrather than to someone 30 minutes from our home."

"The doctor took the time to really talk with me and get to know me.I felt like I was talking with a friend.I did not feel rushed or feel like just a number. I have not found that in a physician in a long time."

"Prior to coming into the exam room, he definitely had taken the time to look over my patient file,knew exactly who I was, knew what I'd be coming in for,and therefore, made the appointment an easy one to just jump right into."

"The doctor makes me feel like I'm the only patient he has,even though I know how busy he is. He was very understanding and patient when I had a problem and took good care of me. I'll always be grateful to him."


"She's very good. She's patient. She spends lots of time with you. She completely understands my situation.I really feel comfortable with this doctor."

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