Friday, February 20, 2009

Bicentennial corner: MGH' s legacy

The MGH will celebrate its bicentennial in 2011, marking 200 years of compassionate care giving, health care innovation, groundbreaking research and a deep involvement with local communities. As bicentennial planners plot out a number of engaging ways to celebrate the hospital's historic 200 years, an exciting opportunity has arisen for MGH staff and employees to participate.

The MGH Bicentennial Legacy Committee -- a group of MGH volunteers comprising members of the MGH Center for Community Health Improvement, the MGPO, Patient Care Services, MGH Administration and other areas -- has been charged by MGH President Peter L. Slavin, MD, to recommend something meaningful that the MGH of 2011 could leave behind to benefit the community for years to come. Encouraging the committee to be bold, Slavin suggests that the "legacy" be enduring, benefit the underserved and, if possible, focus on youth. The committee invites MGHers to become involved by submitting their own ideas for this legacy, to the community, which will be announced in 2011.

"The MGH has such an amazing history of giving back to the community, and we want to continue this tradition," says Joan Quinlan, director of the MGH Center for Community Health Improvement.  "There are so many deep connections and relationships among MGH employees and the communities we serve. We know that those with an 'ear to the ground' and inspired minds will have terrific ideas on how and where the MGH can most effectively put its resources to make a lasting difference. This is the MGH employee's opportunity to be a part of something that would reach beyond the walls of the hospital to benefit countless others and help the MGH continue to help those in need in honor of its 200-year anniversary."

To submit an idea or concept for an MGH bicentennial legacy, send an e-mail to by April 17. The MGH Legacy Committee will review all submissions, and the employee whose submission is selected will receive a copy of the new MGH history book currently being written and a $25 gift certificate to Whole Foods.

For more information, contact Lynn Dale, director of MGH Bicentennial Planning and Special Events, at

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