Friday, July 31, 2009

MGH Bicentennial plans to bring history to life

BICENTENNIAL VIGNETTE: Five actors, including two portraying Bartlett and a Faneuil Hall merchant, performed in the Ether Dome.

In preparation for the MGH bicentennial in 2011, the MGH Bicentennial Steering Committee is planning several theatrical vignettes that will be unveiled throughout the 200th anniversary year. The 15-to-17- minute presentations will highlight key historical moments in early MGH history.

Recently, a pilot piece was performed in the Ether Dome for a small focus group. The vignette, titled "The Letter," featured MGH co-founders John Collins Warren, MD, and James Jackson, MD, along with Rev. John Bartlett, of the Boston Almshouse and Warren's mother Abigail, an influential Beacon Hill matron. The group's performance focused on the creation and distribution of the 1810 circular letter, which called upon the good people of Boston to raise funds for the establishment of a hospital, which would become the MGH and McLean Hospital.

The Bicentennial Steering Committee and MGH History Committee will be identifying additional vignettes to premiere in 2011. For more information about the MGH Bicentennial, contact Lynn Dale, director of MGH Bicentennial Planning, at

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