Friday, August 20, 2010

MGH Bicentennial Intranet Toolkit

ALL THE TOOLS any MGHer needs to "bicentennialize" his or her MGH documents, presentations and giveaways are now available in the MGH Bicentennial Intranet Toolkit at MGHers are encouraged to visit the toolkit and use its collection of resources throughout the year.

In addition to a variety of commemorative logos, the toolkit also houses dozens of archival images, including historical photos of early MGH caregivers, buildings, patients and objects; ready-to-print posters, including those in which departments can input their own staff photos; informational vignettes, such as the story of the MGH founding; a comprehensive timeline of MGH milestones; links to bicentennial-related resources; and information on interesting historic events in the hospital's past to share with colleagues and associates.

For more information about the MGH Bicentennial Intranet Toolkit, contact Catherine MacDonald, Bicentennial coordinator, at

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