Friday, March 30, 2012

3D colon imaging technology wins Microsoft award

AWARD-WINNING ADVANCE: Yoshida, right, and Patrick Samona of Vectorform, left, accept the Innovation Award.

The MGH is among the 2012 recipients of the Microsoft Health Users Group Innovation Award in the “Health Collaboration” category. The honor specifically recognizes the 3D Imaging Research Group of MGH Imaging for joining forces with Vectorform, Microsoft and Intel to help make colon cancer screening more accessible and cost-effective through a technology called the Virtual Colonoscopy (VC) Cloud Viewer. Hiro Yoshida, PhD, director of the 3D Imaging Research Group, led the project and accepted the award on behalf of the hospital Feb. 23 during the annual Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society Conference and Exhibition in Las Vegas.

The VC Cloud Viewer virtually “cleanses” a patient’s colon and generates a three-dimensional model in real time, allowing physicians to navigate through the images with hand or finger motions on a screen or mobile device.  Although it is not yet available to patients, when compared with traditional methods, the VC Cloud Viewer has shown the potential to streamline clinical workflow, improve diagnostic accuracy and reduce costs by as much as 80 percent.

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