Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Extremity CT scanner now available at Mass General Hospital


Mass General's new CT extremity scanner

CT extermity scanner

A technologist positions a patient for a lower
extremity scan

Mass General Imaging has a long history of adopting innovative technology. The latest addition is a CT scanner dedicated to orthopaedic imaging.

Located in the Yawkey Center for Outpatient Care on Mass General's main campus in Boston, the new scanner is specifically designed for imaging the upper and lower extremities from elbow to fingers and from knee to toes. It can be used to assess fractures, arthritis, joint alignment and joint replacement hardware.

A prototype of the scanner was tested at Mass General as part of FDA review, and the hospital is the first in the US to use the newly approved equipment.

"We are especially excited about this new scanner because it has several unique features compared to other CT scanners," said William E. Palmer, MD, director of the Musculoskeletal Imaging & Intervention Division of the Mass General Department of Radiology. According to Dr. Palmer, it delivers high bone detail and resolution, making it excellent for pre-operative planning, and up to 20% lower radiation dose, making it excellent for pediatric patients. "For orthopaedists, it should be a valuable tool for assessing fractures before and after surgery," he said.

Other clinical benefits include cone-beam technology that obtains data ideal for 3D imaging, less image distortion caused by metallic hardware and the ability to scan a patient in the standing position to assess joint alignment and instability. Called Verity®, the scanner is manufactured by Planmed, a Finnish company.

Referring clinicians can schedule an exam with the extremity CT scanner by accessing EPIC (inside Partners) or Physician Gateway (outside Partners) or by calling 617-724-XRAY (9729).


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