Thomas J. Brady, MD
Chief, Nuclear Medicine
& Molecular Imaging Division

Using state of the art facilities, the Nuclear Medicine & Molecular Imaging Division provides a full range of clinically focused diagnostic and therapeutic nuclear medicine procedures, including bone imaging, functional studies of renal and gastrointestinal physiology, tumor imaging, PET/CT, SPECT, and SPECT/CT imaging.

All PET/CT images are performed on equipment with integrated 64-slice multidetector CT scanners, allowing full diagnostic CT scans to be scheduled and acquired during the same imaging session to optimize patient convenience. Members of the division hold daily diagnostic read-out conferences with subspecialty radiologists from the thoracic, abdominal, neuroradiology, and musculoskeletal divisions to review and correlate PET and CT scans in order to provide the best possible diagnostic information. A senior staff physician is always available to discuss the best applications of nuclear imaging techniques.

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