Advanced Imaging, Today and Tomorrow

Today's medical imaging technologies provide unprecedented visibility into the body. As a result, imaging now plays a crucial role in almost every discipline of medicine, providing diagnostic insights that allow physicians to confidently chart their patients' care.

Imaging has fundamentally transformed the practice of medicine, relegating practices such as exploratory surgery to history books and providing physicians with faster, deeper insight into their patients' conditions. In addition, real-time technology is expanding the use of imaging beyond diagnosis into the realm of treatment, enabling minimally invasive procedures that address specific conditions.

Conventional wisdom in some quarters may hold that medical imaging amounts to pushing the right button on a machine and receiving an instant diagnosis. But nothing could be further from the truth. Imaging technologies and techniques continue to evolve rapidly. As the sophistication of the tools increases, so too does the demand for expertise among the people carrying out the exams, interpreting the results, and performing the procedures. Advanced imaging is revealing increasingly subtle body processes, but the data imaging produces are not useful unless the person interpreting them has the specialty knowledge and experience necessary to understand what he or she is seeing. 

With a staff of more than 100 specialty-trained radiologists, supported by hundreds of highly trained technologists, as well as an active research program that continues to create tomorrow's imaging advances, we are positioned to meet the challenges of medical imaging today and in the future.

Mass General Imaging and the Department of Radiology

The Department of Radiology at Mass General provides a full range of imaging services and treatments at multiple locations under the banner of Mass General Imaging.

In addition, the Department of Radiology is a clinical and academic organization made up of specialized radiologists, residents and fellows engaged in rigorous training programs, and investigators who carry out an ambitious slate of research through a wide collection of labs.

This website is organized for patients and referring clinicians who are interested in our imaging services and treatments including information on ordering exams and obtaining exam images.

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