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Department of Radiology Chairman Emeritus James H. Thrall, MD, explains how patients benefit from the additional specialty training our physicians have completed.  

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The scan that didn't scan

This account from the New York Times illustrates the importance of having specialist radiologists interpret the images generated in MRI exams.

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Massachusetts General Hospital employs more than 100 board-certified radiologists and has gained distinction for the specialty expertise these physicians hold in specific clinical areas.

In addition to the general training all radiologists receive, our specialty-trained doctors have additional education and extensive real-world training in the interpretation of exam images for their chosen area of specialization. In addition, they possess comprehensive knowledge of how specific types of imaging technology reveal key diagnostic information.

Every scan gets specialist attention

  • Every scan at Mass General is interpreted by a radiologist with specialty training in the area of the body being studied.
  • Specialists are capable of seeing and understanding subtle things thanks to their advanced training and singular focus.
  • The expertise of our radiologists translates to more accurate interpretations—and clearer answers for patients and their physicians.

Interventional specialists

Many of our radiologists are also interventional specialists in their chosen area of specialization. Interventional radiologists use real-time imaging technologies to provide minimally invasive treatment of specific conditions, such as back pain or uterine fibroid tumors. Learn more about the interventional treatments we provide.

Focused teams

Our radiologists work within teams tightly focused on their areas of specialization. 

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