Jo-Anne O. Shepard, MD

Jo-Anne O. Shepard, MD
Chief, Thoracic
Imaging Division

The Division of Thoracic Imaging and Intervention provides a full range of diagnostic examinations, including inpatient and outpatient chest radiography, computed tomography of the thorax, high resolution chest CT, thoracic PET/CT, and MRI of the thorax. The division also performs image guided thoracic interventions, including transthoracic needle biopsy and thermal radiofrequency ablation.

The thoracic radiologists at Massachusetts General Hospital are internationally recognized experts in thoracic imaging and intervention. We are active consultants and work closely with the primary care and subspecialty services of the Massachusetts General Hospital including pulmonary medicine, thoracic oncology, general medical oncology, radiation oncology, thoracic surgery and infectious disease.

In addition to expertise in advanced diagnostic imaging, our physicians also conduct an active percutaneous needle biopsy service, including biopsies of the lung, mediastinum, pleura and chest wall both for diagnosis and cutting-edge molecular testing. The division also performs thermal radiofrequency ablation of primary lung tumors and pulmonary metastatic disease in patients referred from thoracic surgery and medical thoracic oncology.

The Division of Thoracic Imaging and Intervention is an academic division that teaches the art and science of thoracic imaging and intervention to Harvard medical students, residents, fellows and visiting physicians. The division sponsors a biannual Harvard Medical School postgraduate CME course in chest imaging together with the Division of Thoracic Imaging at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

The members of the division publish widely in the radiological literature and regularly speak at the major national and international scientific meetings. Active areas of research within the division include advances in CT technology, CT dose reduction techniques, thoracic dual-energy CT, thoracic PET/CT, pulmonary nodule management, imaging of the post-operative patient, thoracic intervention, and thoracic radiofrequency ablation. Our radiologists are active contributors and leaders in the Society of Thoracic Radiology, Fleischner Society, American College of Radiology, American Roentgen Ray Society and Radiologic Society of North America.

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