The Division of Musculoskeletal Imaging & Intervention is a leading provider of diagnostic services and image-guided therapies to patients with joint and spine disorders.

The division's team of physicians, receptionists, technologists and nurses achieves the highest quality of care in a personalized environment. One of our top priorities is ease of access. We pride ourselves on responsiveness to patient inquiries and physician contacts.

Clinical Services

  • We perform MR arthrography of joints, such as the shoulder, hip, elbow, ankle, wrist and knee.
  • For diagnostic information and pain treatment, we use image guidance to inject anesthetic and steroid in and around the joints and spine (cervical, thoracic and lumbar).
  • To promote tissue healing, we treat injured tissue with PRP (platelet-rich plasma).
  • We are an international referral center for image-guided, minimally invasive treatment of osteoid osteoma.
  • In patients with possible tumors, we perform needle biopsies of bone as well as soft tissues.