Your comfort and safety is our priority.

We understand you may have questions about your imaging appointments during this time, and we're here to help.

Check out our frequently asked questions or contact us if you need more information. You can also find out what to expect when you visit our locations in Boston and throughout the community.

Can I wear a mask during my imaging exam?

Yes. The only exception is if the mask interferes with the quality of the images. Your technologist will let you know if this exception applies to you.

Can someone come with me to my outpatient imaging appointment?

Unfortunately, due to current circumstances, no visitors are allowed to accompany outpatients to their visits except for some very limited exceptions. Please do not plan on bringing a companion to your visit unless you receive approval from your doctor’s office when you schedule your appointment (pediatric patients may have one adult accompany them).

Do you have a special site for coronavirus patients?

We currently image patients with known or suspected COVID-19 at locations under specific infection control plans to safely manage this patient population. We use safety measures at these locations to image patients with many different conditions, including those related to COVID-19.

Is Yawkey now only for coronavirus patients?

 At the Yawkey Center for Outpatient Care and all of our imaging locations, we are committed to safely imaging patients with many different conditions, including those related to COVID-19. You can visit this page on our website to learn more about our safety measures to expect when you visit Yawkey 6 for imaging.

Why can't I wear my own mask during my imaging exam?

For the safety of patients, staff and visitors, we are asking everyone to wear the mask we provide over your mouth and nose at all Mass General locations. Hospital-approved masks provide more protection than cloth masks because they are new and made with multiple layers of filtering material. When everyone wears the same type of mask correctly, we have the greatest chance of limiting the spread of disease and keeping our environment safe.