Appreciation for MRI professionalism

Mass General Imaging - Waltham

Mass General Imaging - Waltham

At Mass General Imaging, our technologists—the highly trained professionals who administer exams—take pride not only in handling all of the technical tasks that go into capturing the high-quality images needed for an accurate diagnosis, but also in treating every patient with compassion and respect. This email sent by the father of a recent patient describes the caring treatment that two MRI technologists in our Waltham location delivered:

My daughter and wife visited Mass General Imaging - Waltham yesterday and today for a series of MRIs. Our daughter, who resides in another state, was recently diagnosed with symptoms that are consistent with a serious neurological disorder. After having similar MRIs in my daughter's home state, we wanted to redo them here in Massachusetts and have one of our own Mass General doctors review them, so as to have a second opinion.

When the MRIs were taken in the other state, we can't express to you how unprofessional and discourteous some of the MRI staff were. For instance, during the MRI there were so many distractions. They even switched off personnel three times, as they were distracted with other matters. So much so that we were not certain if they gave us our daughter's images or someone else's. We were also taken aback by the woman at the front desk, who would point at the next patient and say, "Hey, you!" to inform them that they were next for their MRI.

When people go to receive MRIs, they have great concerns and need to be treated respectfully and carefully, and this is the nature of my email. We arrived at your center yesterday to be greeted by people who are responsible, knowledgeable and courteous. Yesterday, David McAllister administered three MRI series, and we can't say enough about him, and how we felt comfortable in his care. He truly loves what he does, and it shows. Today, Brian Fernandes administered a brain MRI for our daughter, and we were also blown away with his kindness and professionalism. What a gentleman! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for having such a truly stellar staff at your facility. You should be proud.

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