Caring staff members make MRI “a breeze” for our youngest patients

An MRI can be intimidating for anyone, let alone a child. The professionals at Mass General Imaging and MassGeneral Hospital for Children work as a team to provide full-service imaging and family-centered care. Our experts specialize in easing pediatric patients' anxieties to make the process as safe and comfortable as possible, every step of the way.  

"Prepare your child for what to expect during his/her visit with us," says Katie Weagle, MS, CCLS, a full-time child life specialist in our Pediatric Imaging group. "Providing a simple explanation is most helpful to a child. Also, let us know in advance if there’s anything we can do to accommodate your child's specific needs."

Left to Right: Brian Fernandes, RT (R)(MR) and Josephine Rotolo.

A child’s drawing of an MRI machine, courtesy of MassGeneral Hospital for Children.

Specialist radiologists interpret imaging exams

Brian Fernandes and Josephine Rotolo

Pediatric imaging:
OUR Tips for parents

Talk to a child about what to expect.

Bring comfort items such as stuffed animals.

Be honest about why a child needs imaging.

For more information on pediatric imaging, download our brochure.

Tests and Procedures for Pediatric Patients explains what to expect for a variety of pediatric imaging exams.

According to one father, who brought his son to Mass General Imaging - Waltham recently for an MRI, these staff members are providing extraordinary service:

My son had an MRI at your Waltham location and I can personally tell you that the services provided by your entire staff were exemplary. My son had never had an MRI, although he has had other tests. With the MRI being much different, there was some hesitancy on his part.

"Both before and during the MRI,
[Brian's] calming nature made the MRI
a very easy experience for my son."

Parent of a Mass General Imaging patient

      But from the moment he entered your facility, the front desk personnel, Josephine Rotolo, made him feel welcomed and comfortable. Her calming demeanor took the edge off what remaining anxiety he had left after my pep talk in the car. Mrs. Rotolo also actually went in during the procedure to make sure he was doing OK and reported back to me that everything was going well.

Inside, your technologist, Brian Fernandes, was the definition of professional. Both before and during the MRI, his calming nature made the MRI a very easy experience for my son. He was communicative the entire time throughout the procedure. When I asked my son afterwards what he thought, he told me it was a breeze and it was because of “the people there…they really cared.”

Keep up the good work and thank you for the efforts of your employees. Note: It is also a lot easier getting to Waltham, even in rush hour traffic, than having to go into Boston!

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