Comfort and concern ease patient anxiety

A kind technologist eases a patient's anxiety over a nuclear medicine scan.

Tanya Holmes-Norris

Tanya Holmes-Norris

People having a nuclear medicine exam, such as a bone, kidney, or lung scan, can be understandably anxious and uncertain. Our staff members in nuclear medicine, like the professionals throughout all of our imaging services, take steps to minimize patient discomfort and anxiety during these exams.

Below is an excerpt from one of the many letters we receive about patients' experience at Mass General Imaging.

I wanted to express my utmost appreciation to Tanya [Holmes-Norris], of your staff, who showed my mother comfort, concern and a caring ear during her recent bone scan. As you know, when going to Mass General as a patient, it is usually a long day, never mind the nervousness, stress and anxiety a person feels going through the tests such as those related to Nuclear Medicine.

Tanya took extra steps to make my mother feel as much at ease as she could and talked her through the whole procedure as to what was happening next. Her bedside manner was absolutely fabulous and her Wisconsin accent was an added plus. We have been going to the Nuclear Medicine department for many years for numerous tests and I must inform you that every staff member has always been pleasant and comforting. As an added plus, Tanya took a further step by putting a compress over my mother's eyes during the scan, which helped tremendously. She didn't feel so closed in, even though her eyes were shut (mind over matter). You are truly blessed to have such a wonderful staff.

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