Patient expresses gratitude for "amazing" treatment that’s actually standard procedure

Left to Right: Jo-Anne Shepard, MD, Rahmi Oklu, MD, and Jeanne Ackman, MD.

In addition to diagnostic exams, Mass General Imaging uses real-time visualization techniques to perform minimally invasive treatments for specific conditions including back pain, uterine fibroid tumors, varicose veins, narrowing or blockage of blood vessels, and certain cancers.

The specialty-trained physicians who perform these interventions are not only experts in the conditions they treat, but also compassionate doctors; they take the time before, during and after the procedures to make sure their patients understand and feel comfortable with what is happening.

The letter below describes the experience of a patient who recently received one of these treatments. Although the patient believes the team treated him “like a prince”, in truth every patient receives the same care and attention.

This patient’s experience also points to another advantage of treatment at Mass General: Seamless coordination among different departments beyond Imaging, working together for the patient.

I wanted you to know that my treatment (from ALL involved) at Mass General was amazing. I was treated like a prince by all. Prior to admission I had an MRI, supervised by Dr. Jeanne Ackman. She was kind enough to come out and explain the results before I left the suite. I also had a pleasant conversation with Dr. Jo-Anne Shepard, though fortunately, I did not need a biopsy.

Dr. Rahmi Oklu
was kind enough to call me prior to my admission and explain (for about an hour) what he was going to do. The morning of the admission, there apparently, was an emergency that delayed my case. While waiting, Dr. Oklu and his resident came by several times to give my wife and I updates. Anesthesia also came by and chatted just to help pass the time. The procedure went very well. Post-operatively, Dr. Oklu and his team came by several times to visit before I was discharged.

Despite the seriousness of both my illness and surgery, my treatment at MGH was amazing and without incident. Everyone I met (especially those from Mass General Imaging) treated me with nothing but kindness and courtesy. Needless to say, the level of expertise, I am sure, cannot be matched anywhere! Please give my sincere thanks to all involved.

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