• Cancer Survivor Finds Relief from Painful Fractures

    Bobbie DiBattista

    Soon after Bobbie DiBattista was treated for endometrial cancer, she began to feel excruciating lower back pain. Learn how she found relief through minimally invasive, image-guided procedures to repair the fractures causing her pain.

  • Screening Leads to Early Detection for Lung Cancer

    Bob and Liz McDonald

    As a former smoker, Bob McDonald knew that he might be at risk for lung cancer. But even after he was screened, he was still surprised by the results. Find out how early detection changed his life.

  • A family faces their high risk of aneurysm together

    After Sharon Shea was stricken with an aneurysm, she had life-saving, emergency surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital. During her recovery, her family history emerged and helped get treatment for her son.

  • Appreciation for MRI professionalism

    Mass General West Imaging Waltham

    "When people go to receive MRIs, they have great concerns and need to be treated respectfully and carefully....Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for having such a truly stellar staff at your facility."

  • Imaging technologists also specialize in human relations

    Michael Van Nostrand

    When patients come to Massachusetts General Hospital Imaging for exams, their primary point of contact is a medical professional called a "technologist." Hear how one of these highly trained individuals made a complex upper GI series exam more comfortable for one patient.

  • Nuclear medicine: Comfort and concern ease patient anxiety

    Tanya Holmes-Norris

    People having a nuclear medicine exam, such as a bone, kidney, or lung scan, can be understandably anxious and uncertain. In addition, the multiple steps involved in the scan and the length of the study can be challenging. Read how one of our technologists helped to set a patient at ease.

  • Exceptional care at Mass General Imaging in Waltham

    Jane MacNeil

    "I was treated at another facility for the first few months but since the care was poor, I changed doctors and ended up having my X-rays at your location. The first time I went there I could see the difference. "

  • Breast imaging: Sensitive and supportive care

    Beverly Gerade

    The Breast Imaging service at Mass General imaging has a nurse coordinator, a person whose role helps to create a warm and caring support system for a sensitive population of patients. Read how the nurse coordinator helped calm one patient visiting for a biopsy procedure.