Sensitive and supportive care

Breast imaging patients benefit from a friendly, helpful presence every step of the way.

Beverly Gerade

Beverly Gerade

The Breast Imaging Program's development of a Nurse Coordinator role several years ago has created a warm and caring support system for this division's very sensitive population of patients.

Beverly Gerade, RN, NP, has been the Breast Imaging Nurse Coordinator for over two years now. She came to Mass General with a wealth of experience in Breast Cancer service that has made her indispensable to the division as well as to the department as a whole. Beverly's position started as a role of support to patients receiving abnormal results or diagnoses. She has expanded this to involve meeting with all of the patients who need further intervention, outlining their options, discussing these options with them and their referring physicians and assisting in expediting the necessary follow-up procedures and appointments.

Below is an excerpt from just one of the many letters we receive about Beverly's care and compassion.

I had my first biopsy yesterday (MRI guided), which was interesting to say the least. I wanted to tell you how wonderful the NP for the Avon Center has been. Her name is Beverly Gerade and she is wonderful. From the day she called to arrange the biopsy, to explaining and even checking in last Friday was amazing. She was invaluable yesterday, so kind and helpful that I wasn't nervous at all, and I know if it wasn't for her calming influence I would have freaked. I hate being kept still while being "poked". She was just wonderful.

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