A patient who needs frequent CT scans expresses gratitude for the attention and care he receives at Mass General Imaging Chelsea.

Malden resident Chris C. Dracopoulos, 87, needs a CT scan every six to eight months in order to monitor an aneurysm. Dracopoulos always comes to Mass General Imaging Chelsea for his exams--in part because the free parking makes it more convenient than coming into Boston. But more importantly, Dracopoulos chooses Mass General Imaging Chelsea because of the treatment he receives.

Left to Right: Mammographer Rose Miele, patient service coordinator Deanna Fiantago, mammorgrapher Irene Gallagher and customer service representative Danielle Miranda.

Chris Dracopoulos with Chelsea staff from right to left: Lily Nie, RN; CT technologist Stacy Martone; and customer service representatives Maria Rosa-Torres, Carmen Henao and Kara Sullivan.

Part of the family

"No matter who I talk to, even when I come
in the front door, they all remember my name.
They treat me like part of the family."

Chris C. Dracopoulos
Mass General Imaging Chelsea patient

In fact, Dracopoulos has been so pleased with the facility that he recently wrote a letter, praising the "commendable actions" of staff members, many of whom he cited by name. "They treat me like I was the only patient," Dracopoulos added when we got in touch after receiving the letter. "No matter who I talk to, even when I come in the front door, they all remember my name. They treat me like part of the family."

Dracopoulos graciously took the time to talk with us and was happy to share his real name because, as he said in his letter, "Human frailty is such that we too often complain about trivial matters and say little about commendable actions."

A long record of service

Chris C. Dracopoulos

Chris C. Dracopoulos,
Private First Class, 1944

Mass General Imaging is proud to be honored by such a distinguished veteran and citizen. Dracopoulos served in the 491st Bombardment Group, an Air Force unit that was based in England during World War II. A musician both before and during his years in the service, he later went on to become a sales representative for Capitol Records, followed by stints in marketing and sales with Motorola Television and Zenith.

Now retired, he remains active with the 491st, maintaining its website, helping people research the records of their relatives, and organizing reunions. He also finds time to play the drums and organ.

In short, he's a busy man. "I would never have taken the time to write that letter if it wasn't extraordinary service," he quipped.

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