Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Oh, Joy! The Prospect Of Laxative-Free Colonoscopies

Even now, weeks after my first colonoscopy, certain tastes and smells still trigger odd sensory flashbacks to the gallon of salty-swampy laxative liquid I had to glug to clean out my intestines before the procedure.

The taste didn’t seem so bad at first. I scoffed at all the whiners who have made the nastiness of colonoscopy prep so legendary. But near the end of the gallon, I found myself gagging and forced to suck on lollipops to help the swallowing along. Not that I’d ever skip the test. Colon cancer is too common and deadly, killing 50,000 Americans a year, and the effectiveness data on colonoscopies look good. Still, I couldn’t help wondering aloud: Does it really, truly have to be like this?

Source: CommonHealth/WBUR.org

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