You can use this information to help prepare for your CT without anesthesia.  

Some CT exams have special instructions like cardiac CT and CT colonography.

Helpful Tips

    • CT Screening Form - You can print out and complete the CT Screening Form before your appointment. 
    • Eating and Drinking - Please don't eat solid food two hours before your appointment. Please drink plenty of fluids such as water or clear soup. Your doctor's office can tell you if you have any other restrictions.
    • Clothing - If you can, try to wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing without metal like zippers or underwire in bras. Metal can blur the images. For some CT exams, we may ask you to change into a hospital gown for clearer images. 
    • Valuables - You can keep your things with you during a CT exam, but we suggest you leave your valuables at home so you don’t have to worry about them. 
    • Children - If you need to bring kids to your appointment, please bring someone to watch them in the waiting room.

A Note About Contrast

You may need contrast for your CT exam. There are two kinds – the kind you drink in the waiting room and the kind that you get through an IV. We will give you more details at your appointment.

Contrast helps us see the images more clearly. The benefits of using contrast typically outweigh any potential risk. We carefuelly asses your risk before givng you contrast. 

Checking In

It’s important to arrive with enough time before your appointment so that we can get everything ready, especially if you need contrast. Your doctor's office can tell you what time to arrive.

When you check in, we will confirm your name, date of birth, insurance and other details. We may ask you to show a photo ID. We will give you an ID bracelet and ask your full name and date of birth again for your safety. You may also need to fill out some paperwork.

Depending on the type of imaging you and other patients are waiting for, you may be called in a different order than you came in. You can always ask us when we’ll be ready for you.