Basma Hammad, MD

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Basma Hammad, MD

Postdoctoral Research Fellow,
Cardiac MR PET CT Program, MGH, HMS
Associate Lecturer ,Cardiology Division, Alexandria Medical School, Egypt.
EACVI/HIT Ambassador for Egypt



  • MBBch , Medicine, 2008, Alexandria Medical School, Egypt
  • MSc, Cardiology, 2014, Alexandria Medical School, Egypt
  • PhD, Cardiology, registered since 2014-present


Dr. Basma Hammad is a Cardiovascular Imaging Research Fellow in Cardiac MRI PET/CT Program at Massachusetts General Hospital. She completed her medical school at Alexandria University in Egypt. Her clinical training was in a five year cardiology residency program at Alexandria University Hospital. She completed her master degree in Clinical Cardiology in Egypt, and she is now an Associate Lecturer in Cardiology division at Alexandria Medical School. She had training in Echocardiography and cardiac CT at Alexandria Medical School. Her main focuses are clinical cardiology and cardiovascular imaging. She has been chosen by European Association of Cardiovascular Imaging to represent her young community in Egypt and elected as EACVI/HIT ambassador for Egypt for year (2016-2017).


  • 2014, 2015: National Cardiology Conference award for the best multi-modality Cardiac Imaging Case presentation
  • 2015: Korean Society of Echocardiography award for Abstract presentation in the annual meeting

  • 2016: Alexandria University research training grant



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