Devvora Olalere, MS, Project Manager

Devvora Olalere, MS

Project Manager,
Cardiac MR PET CT Program, MGH, HMS


Devvora Olalere, MS in Immunology and Clinical Microbiology is the REPRIEVE DCC Project Manager. She manages and oversees trial operations, including site initiation, imaging and non-imaging data management, QA/QC, clinical trials documentation such as trial operations manuals, and EDC systems and reporting. Devvora has experience as a healthcare consultant, working with major and innovative biopharma companies on their strategic commercial development strategies and new market exploration focusing on market potential challenges at the international level. Devvora, with an extensive experience in Immunogenetics and biomedical engineering, is used to conduct competitive intelligence assessments on specialty diseases and prospective landscape evolution analyses of complex, non-consensual, scientific and access issues in contact with a variety of medical and access stakeholders.



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