Parastou Eslami, PhD

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Parastou Eslami, PhD

T-32 Research Fellow,
Cardiac MR PET CT Program, MGH, HMS



  • BS Mechanical Engineering 2008, University of California, Berkeley
  • MS Biomechanical Engineering 2010, Stanford University
  • PhD Mechanical Engineering 2016, Johns Hopkins University


Dr. Eslami is a T-32 fellow at the Cardiac MR PET CT Program at MGH, Harvard Medical School. She obtained her B.Sc (Honors) in mechanical engineering at University of California, Berkeley and perused her M.S. at Stanford University in biomechanical engineering. She completed her doctorate degree in mechanical engineering at Johns Hopkins University in 2016 in partnership with NIH graduate program. Her PhD thesis was to estimate flow rate in coronary arteries non-invasively via contrast dispersion based on coronary CTA images. In her research she used computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling blood flow in coronary arteries as well as the aortic arch. In addition, she performed CT compatible phantom experiments to validate the analytical tool she developed for her thesis. At MGH, Dr. Eslami’s goal is to apply computational tools such as CFD, radiomics, machine learning and biostatistics on the rich image database available at MGH and develop more a effective image-based diagnosis.


  • 2003 Best Chemistry Student Scholarship
  • 2004 Best Math Student Scholarship
  • 2006 Jet Propulsion Laboratory Summer Internship Scholarship
  • 2006-present Pi-Tau-Sigma – Mechanical Engineering Honor Society
  • 2013 Creel Family Teaching Assistant Award
  • 2016-present Ralph Shlaeger Charitable Foundation Research Fellow Grant




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