Clinical application of 3D images in orthopedics provides information that improves patient care:

  • 3D visualization is extremely helpful for comprehensive understanding of skeletal trauma, especially involving the face, spine, pelvis, acetabulae, foot, and shoulder girdle, and aids in assessment, decision making and surgical planning

3D post-processing is available for applications including:

  • CT Cervical Spine
  • CT Thoracic Spine
  • CT Lumbar Spine
  • CT Sacrum
  • CT Pelvis
  • CT Shoulder
  • CT Humerus
  • CT Elbow
  • CT Forearm
  • CT Wrist
  • CT Hand
  • CT Hip
  • CT Femur
  • CT Knee
  • CT Tibia and Fibula
  • CT Ankle
  • CT Foot

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