Clinical application of 3D images in vascular surgery provides information that improves patient care:

  • 3D renderings (multiplanar, oblique and curved reconstruction) help visualize CT and MR angiography for many vascular cases
  • 3D views combined with quantitative measurements help accurately design aortic stent specifications

3D post-processing is available for applications including:

  • CTA Chest
  • CTA Abdomen
  • CTA Runoff - Upper Extremities
  • CTA Runoff - Lower Extremities
  • CTV Runoff - Lower Extremities (May-Thurner Syndrome)
  • CTA for Deep Epigastric Arteries
  • MRA Chest
  • MRA Abdomen
  • MRA Pelvis
  • MRA Runoff - Upper Extremities
  • MRA Runoff - Lower Extremities

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