Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cosmetic dermatologist?

Cosmetic Dermatology is a specialty that focuses on the appearance of skin and hair. Cosmetic dermatologists use several treatment methods, including lasers and minimally invasive procedures, to help restore or correct the look and feel of your skin.

Board-certified cosmetic dermatologists take into account your overall health and specific concerns when recommending a treatment plan.

What does it mean to be a board-certified dermatologist?

To be a board-certified dermatologist requires many years of education; including a college degree, a medical degree, a 1 -year internship, and 3 years at an accredited Dermatology Residency Program. Doctors must obtain a medical license and pass dermatology exams to test their knowledge every 10 years to be board-certified.

Additionally, the doctors in our laser center receive comprehensive laser safety training.

How do I choose a cosmetic dermatology site?

There are many centers that offer cosmetic dermatology services, ranging from spas and salons to world class medical centers.

It can be overwhelming to decide which place best fits your needs. Choosing an experienced doctor to perform your treatments is important ensure your safety and satisfaction.

Lasers in the hands of a non-experienced, non-board-certified individuals can cause damage to your skin. Here are things to ask:

1. Is the person performing the treatment board-certified doctor with extensive training?

2. How long has the doctor been performing cosmetic procedures?

3. How many lasers does the center have on site?
No one laser treats all conditions, having an array of lasers on sites allows doctors to create specialized treatment to meet your goals.

What is the difference at Mass General's Dermatology Laser and Cosmetic Center?

Our board-certified dermatologists are fortunate at Mass General Dermatology Laser and Cosmetic Center to have a variety of lasers and therapies on-site, allowing our doctors to create a personalized and safe treatment plan for you.

Treatments are performed in our office. Most treatments are available with little to no downtime, allowing patients to return to their everyday lives almost immediately.

Additionally, our cosmetic dermatologists have access to new lasers that can address specific concerns for people of all skin types including people with (multi-ethnic) darker skin tones.

Why do I need a consultation?

Our doctors evaluate your overall health conditions, your specific skin type, and any concerns that you may have. They will discuss risk and benefits; provide realistic expectations; and offer the best possible treatment plan to meet your goals. A consultation is required and there is a fee for the consultation.

Are cosmetic services covered by health insurance?

No, cosmetic services are not covered by medical insurance as they are not considered to be medical necessary.

Can I use a flexible spending account to pay for cosmetic services?

Most flexible spending accounts do not cover the cost of cosmetic services, as they are not thought not to be medically necessary. Please check with your insurance provider before receiving any treatments so you are aware of what your plan covers.

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