As the population becomes more racially and ethnically diverse, health care providers will continue to care for more patients from different cultures and backgrounds. The link between the shortage of URM physicians and poor health outcomes for minority patients has been well documented and is cause for attention.  At the same time, the benefits of a diverse physician work force are many - diversity enriches everyone's educational experience, enhances innovation in research, and improves the care of patient communities.

Thanks to the unwavering dedication of our staff, hospital leadership and advisory board, we have created a variety of programs and initiatives to help us reach the next level.

Our Mission

CDI's mission is to facilitate and promote the advancement of students, physicians and researchers who are underrepresented in medicine (URM), as well as to help develop culturally competent physicians at MGH. We believe this mission is crucial to enhancing the quality of patient care and research at MGH. In light of this mission, the CDI has three broad-based objectives: 

Professional Leadership and Workforce Diversity

  1. Student programs

    ·Resident and fellow programs

    ·Faculty initiatives

  2. Multicultural Education and Research

    · Cross-cultural training

    · Diversity education and training

  3. Community Outreach

    · Latino Heritage and Black History Months

    · Health Fairs

    · Mentorship of elementary, middle and high school students (via collaborations with MGH Boston Partnerships)

Our Team

Our History

*The MGH follows the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) definition of underrepresented minorities in medicine.

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