In 1992, Dr. Winfred Williams founded the Office for Minority Health Professions to address the issue of increasing the number of underrepresented in medicine (URM) trainees at MGH, principally in the Department of Medicine. In 2000, the office was renamed the Multicultural Affairs Office (MAO), to reflect its evolution into a Hospital-and community-wide resorce that works with virtually all departments at MGH. In late 2006, MAO was restructured with the support of MGH President Peter Slavin. As part of this restructuring, a multi-disciplinary advisory board co-chaired by Drs. Williams and Slavin, and comprised of chiefs of service, hospital and MGPO leadership, trustees, and HMS Dean, as well as senior URM faculty, was created to provide advice and assistance with the strategic direction of the office. MAO's staff includes an Executive Director, as well as two full-time administrative staff. MAO's part-time physician staff includes a manager of trainee affairs (works with trainees), a program director for multicultural education, as well as three Associate Directors who are intricately involved in MAO's initiatives.


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