SRTP Class of 2015


Daniella Acosta

Undergraduate Institution: Mount Holyoke College
Major: Biological Sciences
Year of Graduation: 2015
Preceptor: David Chang, PhD, MPH, MBA
Junior Preceptor: Andrew Loehrer, MD
Department: Surgery
Abstract: Place of Birth Negatively Impacts breast cancer care for Latin American immigrants in the United States: A Population Cohort Study


Karlbuto Alexandre

Undergraduate Institution: American International College
Major: Biology
Year of Graduation: 2015
Preceptor: Mark Poznansky
Junior Preceptor: Patrick Reeves
Department: Medicine, Infectious Disease
Abstract: Overcoming Rejection of Xenogeneic Canine Anterior Cruciate Ligament Implants in Mice using CXCL12 and Hyaluronic Acid


Amber Anders

Medical School: Yale School of Medicine
Expected Year of Graduation: 2018
Undergraduate Institution: Washington University in St. Louis
Major: Biology and Anthropology
Preceptor: Marcela del Carmen, MD, MPH
Junior Preceptor: Alejandro Rauh-Hain, MD
Department: Obstetrics and Gynecology
Abstract: Patterns of Care, Predictors and Outcomes of Adjuvant Therapy for Early and Advanced Stage Uterine Clear Cell Carcinoma: A population-based Analysis


Courtney Bess

Medical School: Morehouse School of Medicine
Expected Year of Graduation: 2018
Undergraduate Institution: Georgia Southern University
Major: Biology
Preceptor: Robert Gerszten, MD
Junior Preceptor: Jordan Morningstar
Department: Medicine, Cardiology
Abstract: Comparison of Metabolite Profiles of Cardiometabolic Traits in the Framingham Heart Study & the Diabetes Prevention Program


Breshawn Best

Undergraduate Institution: Harvard University
Major: Chemistry and Physics
Expected year of Graduation: 2016
Preceptor: Jacob Hooker
Department: Radiology
Abstract: An Updated Synthesis of anti-[18F]FACBC: Greater Enantiomeric Purity through Hindered Functional Groups


Kerwin X. Cruz De La Rosa

Medical School: University of Puerto Rico, Medical Sciences Campus
Expected Year of Graduation: 2018
Undergraduate Institution
: University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus
Major: Cellular-Molecular Biology
Preceptor: Cesar Castro, MD, MMSc
Department: Medicine, Oncology
Abstract: D3 System to Detect HPV in Patients’ Cervical Samples


Ilhan Eli

Medical School: Meharry Medical College School of Medicine
Expected Year of Graduation: 2018
Undergraduate Institution: Vanderbilt University
Major: Molecular and Cellular Biology
Preceptor: Sake Kathiresean, MD
Junior Preceptor: Gina Peloso, PhD
Department: Medicine, Cardiology
Abstract: Prioritizing Genes in Lipids Genome-Wide Association Regions from Whole Exome Sequencing in Over 22,000 Individuals


Jaime Jimenez

Medical School: David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA
Expected Year of Graduation: 2018
Undergraduate Institution: Stanford University
Major: Biomechanical Engineering
Preceptors: Harald Ott, MD
Junior Preceptor: Sarah Gilpin, PhD
Department: Surgery, Thoracic
Abstract: Elucidating Differences in ECM Composition in Pediatric and Adult Decellularized Lung Scaffolds


Ivy Maina

Medical School: University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine
Expected Year of Graduation: 2018
Undergraduate Institution: Princeton University
Major: Psychology
Preceptor: Allan Goldstein, MD
Junior Preceptor: Nandor Nagy, MD
Department: Pediatric Surgery
Abstract: The Role of Smooth Muscle Differentiation in the Development of Hirschsprung Disease


Lydiesther Martinez

Medical School: University of Illinois College of Medicine at Chicago
Expected Year of Graduation: 2018
Undergraduate Institution: University of California San Diego
Major: Human Biology
Preceptor: Sanja Percac-Lima, MD
Department: Cancer Center
Abstract: Smoking Behaviors and Barriers to Lung Cancer Screening in Hispanic Former and Current Smokers


Michael Moubarek

Undergraduate Institution: University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Year of Graduation: 2015
Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Preceptor: Javier Irazoqui, PhD
Department: Medicine, Gastroenterology
Abstract: Host Defense Pathway Response to Stimulation of Ionotropic Glutamate Receptors in C. elegan Peripheral Tissues


Maliza Namude

Undergraduate Institution: Harvard University
Expected Year of Graduation: 2016
Major: Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology
Preceptor: Andy Tager, MD
Junior Preceptors: David Lagares, PhD and Sydney Montesi, MD
Department: Rheumatology
Abstract: Soluble Ephrin-B2 as a Novel Biomarker of Fibrotic Lung Diseases


Brianna Olamiju

Undergraduate Institution: Columbia University
Major: Biology and Race & Ethnicity Studies
Preceptor: Carlos Camargo, MD, DrPH
Junior Preceptor: Ashley Sullivan, MS, MPH
Department: Emergency Department Abstract: Decline in Psychiatric Consultant Availability in Massachusetts Emergency Departments: 2005 to 2014


Abbas Rattani

Medical School: Meharry Medical College School of Medicine
Undergraduate Institution: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Major: Biology and Religious Studies
Preceptor: Jonathan Rosand, MD
Junior Preceptor: Alessandro Biffi, MD
Department: Neurology
Abstract: Factors Associated with Late-onset Seizure Disorder in Intracerebral Hemorrhage Survivors


Uriel Sanchez

Undergraduate Institution: Johns Hopkins University
Major: Molecular and Cellular Biology
Preceptor: Miguel Rivera, MD
Department: Pathology
Abstract: Identifying Mortality Associated Genes in Various Cancers Utilizing RNA-seq Gene Expression Analysis

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