The Chester Pierce Research Society (CPRS) is a bi-monthly speaker series named in honor of MGH's Professor Emeritus in Psychiatry Chester Pierce, the first and most senior African-American physician-scientist at MGH. CPRS is designed for researchers to present their clinical, basic science and health services/policy research to the MGH community.


April 4th
Valerie Stone, MD, MPH:
"Disparities in the Receipt of HAART among Women with HIV/AIDS"

June 2nd:
Sherri-Ann Burnett Bowie, MD, MPH: "Phosphate and vitamin D Physiology Revisited"

July 16th:
Lenny Lopez, MD, MDiv, MPH: “Racial and Gender Differences in Emergency Room Triage Assessment and Test Ordering for Chest Pain”

October 6th:
David Henderson, MD:
"Severe Mental Illness and Metabolic Syndrome: Does Ethnicity Matter? The association of severe mental illness with metabolic syndrome and the impact of ethnicity"


February 5th
William Curry, MD:
“Combination immunotherapy for tumors using oncolytic Herpes Simplex Virus - Type I”

April 1st
J. Rodrigo Mora, MD, PhD: “Tissue-specific imprinting by gut-associated dendritic cells and retinoids: lymphocyte homing and beyond”

June 10th:
Alexander R. Green, MD, MPH:
“Thinking Outside the Box: A Practical Framework for Cross-Cultural Care”

July 29th:
Aaron Styer, MD: “Endometriosis: Novel Approaches to Understanding a Familiar Disease”

December 2nd:
Emery N. Brown, MD, PhD: “Developing a Neurophysiological Characterization of General Anesthesia-Induced Loss of Consciousness”



February, 6th:
Karleyton C. Evans, Jr., MD: "Just another face in the crowd? An fMRI study of amygdala response to schematic faces in social anxiety disorder"

April 3rd:
Robin Weinick, PhD:
"Disparities and Quality"

October 2nd:
Rocío Hurtado, M.D., D.T.M. & H.:
"Challenges in the Management of Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis in Resource-Limited Settings”

December 4th:
Dennis K. Norman, Ed.D. :
“The Status of American Indian / Alaskan Native Health Care and the Role that Academic Institutions can play in addressing disparities in Health Care”



 Dr. Pierce with past speakers

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