No furniture? You can buy it, or you can rent it!
If you just moved to the Boston area and need to furnish your house fast and economically, the following links may be helpful:

Rent-A-CenterRent-A-Center offers rent-to-own deals on furniture, appliances, electronics, and computers; including bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, etc. They deliver in 2-3 days once your order is placed (by phone or Internet). The minimum rental agreement is one month.

IKEA Stoughton There is an IKEA store near the Boston area, located in 1 IKEA Way, Stoughton, MA 02072. IKEA offers good furniture a very reasonable prices. IKEA furniture comes disassembled. You can also buy online or by phone, and pay the freight expenses.

CORT/Putman Furniture CORT/Putman offers furniture packages and services for newcomers. Often in just twenty-four hours. The minimum rental agreement is two months.


The Basics!

We know moving to a new city can be very difficult, especially if your are moving with no more than a couple of bags full of clothes! So, here are some resources you may need.

Where to buy your kitchen supplies, bed linens, towels...?

No matter where you live, you'll find a Target store around where you can buy kitchen utensils, bed gowns, decorative items and even small furniture, like chairs and tables, at a very inexpensive price. If you have the time and you are looking for great deals, Marshall's stores have well-known brand stuff at a fraction of the cost.

If buying a TV or electronics, BestBuy has deals all the time – you can buy a 21" TV for less than $100. For used, inexpensive items, take a look at the local classifieds in the Boston Craigslist. Since June and July is moving season, you can find extremely good advertised in the news boards of your building or the local laundry.

How about electric, gas and telephone services?

You will need to call service companies to make sure you'll have them ready by the time you get here. NSTAR takes care of both gas and electricity, and you can easily arrange a new-user contract for both services either by Internet or by phone.

But what about cable and land lines? Maybe you'd like to get one of the media bundles that include cable, phone and internet, i.e. Verizon offers the three of them for $99.00 per month. You can find a similar offer from RCN, plans starting from $82.99. Check out their websites to make sure you get the most updated info before making a final decision.

But this is not all! If you want to get cheap movie passes, special discounts in restaurants and selected events, get a new cellular or even rent a limousine, you should definitely go to the MGH Perks Program webpage! MGH offers discounts and programs from organizations and retailers in the Boston area and nationally. You'll get an email every week with the most recent perks.




You cannot park at the MGH parking garage if you are a resident UNLESS you live far away (outside the Boston area). There is parking available in the Museum of Science ($100-120 per month), Government Center ($80, subsidized by MGH), Charles River Park ($280 per month), etc. There are several neighborhoods in Boston - Beacon Hill, Back Bay, South End - all with residential and metered parking. No Parking in the North End.

However tempting it might be, DO NOT PARK in a residential sticker area. YOU WILL BE TICKETED! Meters are very hard to find but not impossible - and if you do not regularly put in quarters, YOU WILL BE TICKETED! There is free parking a few blocks out on the outskirts of the South End but it's a haul and it's limited.

For garages, there is the Boston Common garage - centrally located right underneath the Boston Common. Their website is here: also has a rate schedule:
Evening Rate - Pay just $10 when you enter the Garage after 4 PM and exit before 10 AM.
Weekend Rate - Enter after 6 AM on Saturday or Sunday and exit by 10 AM the next morning...$10 -Enter after 6 AM Saturday and exit by 10 AM on Monday...$20
A full day's non-weekend rate is $24.

Non-Garage options... You can park at one of the T stations. You can go to information. Click click click and you will eventually get to the street information and station details about parking, etc. You can also look for parking spaces for rent at

In Quincy & Braintree (Red Line) you can park at North Quincy, Wollaston, Quincy Center, Quincy Adams, Braintree - for anywhere from $3.50-$5.00 a day, including Monday - Marathon Monday is a holiday so there should be parking. One note of caution - the redline to Charles/MGH takes about 30 minutes from Quincy Center and 45 minutes from Braintree, runs every 20 minutes on the weekends.


I don't have a car. Will I need one?

Boston is a public-transportation friendly city! Trains, free Partners shuttles CNY, the Longwood medical area, and Back Bay, commuter rails, and buses are available from early morning to late nights. If you need to go outside the state, Zipcaris an affordable rent-a-car company, with many pick-up/drop-off locations around the city.

Getting from one place to another is easy with theMassachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA)web-based trip planning service. If you enter a departure and a destination address, a date and a time, you receive custom itineraries that include routes, stop locations, transfers, trip time, total fare and walking instructions. The MBTA "trip planner" maps your subway ride in a reddish line, bus routes in orange, and even shows you the walking route to your final destination with turn by turn directions.

Also, MGH subsidizes the metro T combo pass with a 20% discount (full price up to $59). All you need to do is to log in yourPeopleSoftaccount (Partners log on, custom pswd), go to Self Service/Employee/MBTA pass enrollment, and add the CharlieCard that works best for you.


Grocery Shopping and Supermarkets

You'll soon realize you can find anything you are used to buy in Boston, from ethnic food mom-and-pop-like shops to organic food supermarkets (like Whole FoodsorTrader Joe's). Try using Citysearch to locate the nearest one to you at

Online grocery shopping

If you don't have time to go grocery shopping, you definitely should try, (Stop and Shop). It's an easy way to order your groceries online and have them delivered at your door. Tip: Try combined shopping with other residents living in your same building, so you can split the delivery fee of $6.95 if your order is over $100 (cheaper than taking a cab and going to the market)

Looking for fresh vegetables?

If you're into organic, try Whole Foods - there's one right next to MGH! Shaw'sand Stop & Shopsupermarkets have a decent variety of veggies and fruits, and are cheaper than Whole Foods. If you are looking for a very good deal, and you have one of the so-awaited golden weekends, try going to Haymarket, Boston's great outdoor market, where you can buy everything from fruits and vegetable to fish just off the boat. It is everything your average supermarket isn't: very cheap, loud and in your face. It's open Fridays and Saturdays.

Getting there: Haymarket is right around the corner from Quincy Market. On the subway, get off at the Haymarket stop on the Green and Orange lines or the Government Center stop on the Blue and Green lines.

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