Residents attend a variety of confernces that both enhance and complement the education derived from patient care.

A strength of the Massachusetts General Hospital Internal Medicine Residency Program is complimenting the extensive direct patient care experiences with a variety of conferences for residents each week that are designed to complement and consolidate the education derived from patient care.

Inpatient Conferences

Core Curriculum Series

The Core Curriculum Series is scheduled for the first three months of the academic year and is held five days a week from 12:15-1:00 pm. Faculty members of Mass General and affiliated institutions provide an intensive review of essential internal medicine topics during this time. Lunches are provided daily for residents during these sessions, and teleconferencing allows those rotating at Newton-Wellesley Hospital to participate as well.

Noon Conference Series

Following the Core Curriculum Series the Noon Conference Series transitions to a broader variety of topics, including a more in depth review of topics reviewed during the Core Curriculum Series, as well as conferences focused on quality and safety, medical education, physician well-being, career planning and primary research. Faculty from Mass General and affiliated institutions, as well as visiting professors, lead interactive conferences from 12:15-1:00 pm Monday through Thursday.

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Case Conference

Case Conference is held on most Fridays from 12:15-1:00 pm and comes in a variety of formats:

  • The New England Journal of Medicine Clinicopathological Cases (CPC) series (“Case Records from the Massachusetts General Hospital”) is a favorite of trainees. Residents involved in patient care present cases to expert discussants who are unaware of the patient’s diagnosis. That expert then takes the audience through a discussion of the case to determine a diagnosis.
  • Clinical Case Reviews, akin to Morbidity and Mortality Conferences, present cases with adverse outcomes or "near misses". This provides a forum to learn from errors in diagnosis and management in a constructive and safe environment. Almost a century ago, Ernest Codman, MD, a Mass General physician, was one of the first physicians to call for case reporting and assignment of responsibility to adverse outcomes. The Clinical Case Reviews continues with this tradition.
  • Interdisciplinary Conferences focus on patient cases that illustrate the overlap between medicine, emergency medicine, pediatrics, neurology and surgery are coordinated between departments.
  • Inpatient Intake is hosted by the chief residents, and brings together a variety of expert discussants from medicine specialties to dissect a fresh case together and showcase expert clinical reasoning.

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Resident Led Talks

Junior and Senior residents, with assistance from faculty advisors, present either independently or in groups on a variety of topics, including their own research, discussion on clinical cases, or provide a talk focused on medical education.

Intern Report

Intern Report is held Monday and Wednesday mornings prior to new patient rounds on the Bigelow. Chief Residents and faculty bring cases illustrating core medical topics and teach in an interactive session.

Resident Report

Resident Report is held Monday through Wednesday. Residents present cases to the chief residents and a chosen discussant with the goal of fostering an interactive discussion of diagnostic approach and management. Tuesdays are "Bigelow Jar Intake Rounds" where the current Bigelow junior residents bring diagnostic or management dilemmas to discuss at the conference.

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Firm Fresh Case

Firm Fresh Case is an interactive conference held Tuesday mornings. It allows the senior residents who worked overnight and supervised the interns that admitted patients to showcase their teaching to the Bigelow teams, Chief Residents and invited faculty.

Medical Grand Rounds

Medical Grand Rounds are held every Thursday morning. Medical Grand Rounds emphasize clinical medicine and present important new developments in biomedical research. National leaders in academic medicine frequently visit Mass General and are asked to speak. Additionally, each division within the Department of Medicine hosts a series of Medical Grand Rounds throughout the year, enriching the diversity of presentations.

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Physical Finding Rounds

These rounds emphasize physical diagnosis and bedside teaching skills in the residency program. Each week a senior resident leads a group of medical students to see patients who have instructive physical findings and have agreed to take part in the teaching session. These sessions lead to engaging discussions about the relevant physical exam finding, its historical origins, and clinical relevance.

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