Medicine Chief Residents 2017
2017 Chief Residents (left to right): Drs. Tanya Keenan, Devin Oller, Nilay Patel and Robert Rogers

Chief Residents

Our chief residents are graduates of the Massachusetts General Hospital Internal Medicine Residency Program and are selected from the ranks of our program graduates to return to the residency program to serve in a leadership capacity. Four chief residents serve the program simultaneously and typically postpone a year of postgraduate or fellowship training or clinical practice to complete their year-long tenure. Three chief residents primarily serve to support the categorical component of the program. An ambulatory chief resident focuses on outpatient training and the Primary Care Program.

The Firm System

The Massachusetts General Hospital firm system was established almost 25 years ago to enhance the quality of clinical teaching and build mentoring relationships between medical students, house officers and senior faculty. Now one of the major mentoring systems, the system is named for former Mass General Chiefs of Medicine: James Howard Means, Walter Bauer and James Jackson. Firm activities include teaching rounds, conferences and one-on-one career guidance. The firm system provides continuity in teaching by clinician-educators committed to bedside teaching.

The firm system allows senior faculty members to maintain a mentoring relationship with residents over the entire time that they are at Mass General and beyond. They help advise on career development, write letters of recommendation and are part of the support structure in of the program, attending all social events and retreats.

Firm Chiefs

Nesli Basgoz, MD
Infectious Disease Unit
James Jackson Firm

William Kormos, MD
Primary Care
James Howard Means Firm

Thomas Spitzer, MD
Walter Bauer Firm

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