Department of Medicine Initiatives

The Department of Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital is dedicated to providing and cultivating a variety of initiatives to educate and engage our patients, faculty, researchers and community.

Our Initiatives

Since 1811, the Massachusetts General Hospital Department of Medicine has been committed to providing excellent and innovative programming for our patients, faculty and residents.

  • The James Jackson Society

    The James Jackson Society is the Department of Medicine’s alumni organization, working to create beneficial engagement between current and past members of the Department’s Internal Medicine Residency Program.

  • Medicine Innovation Program

    The Medicine Innovation Program (MIP) provides an opportunity for members of the Department of Medicine to share innovations in health care delivery.

  • Morton N. Swartz, MD Initiative

    The Morton N. Swartz, MD Initiative’s aim is to support health caregivers throughout the continuum of their careers, changing the culture of medicine to allow future generations to thrive in the profession and find joy and meaning in their work.

  • Pathways Consult Service

    The Pathways Consult Service aims to discover new insights into the unifying mechanisms and underlying biology of disease through the close examination of a single patient with unexplained symptoms.

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