Friday, October 15, 2010

New unit focuses on understanding using genomic data


As scientists have increased access to human genetic information, the interpretation of this information as it relates to human disease and clinical decision-making becomes more feasible. In light of this, the MGH Department of Medicine recently created the Analytic and Translational Genetics Unit (ATGU). Under the leadership of Mark Daly, PhD, of the Department of Medicine, the ATGU will focus on the interpretation of individual genome sequence data. Researchers will seek to identify the genetic basis of human diseases and to develop models by which a genome sequence can be integrated into clinical decision-making.

"At a time when the availability of human genetic information is increasingly robust, it is particularly appropriate to develop such a program," says Dennis A. Ausiello, MD, chief of the Department of Medicine. "The unit will focus on near-term efforts in large-scale medical resequencing studies in human disease and pharmacogenetic response and will develop partnerships across the hospital to both identify new opportunities for the use of genetics in the clinic and address the challenges of the rapidly changing science of genetics and genomics. We welcome Mark to his new role as we launch this exciting era where the durable wisdom obtained from human genetic information will make a difference in the health and lives of our patients."

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