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Read about Ivana Maya's summer internship at Mass General Hospital

MGH Summer Alumni Program



Every year for the past two decades Massachusetts General Hospital has inspired hundreds of Boston youth who are interested in health and science careers with activities and employment opportunities. MGH is committed to expanding the horizons of these young people as a health improvement strategy as well as a workforce development strategy. We know that educational attainment is highly correlated with economic status the largest predictor of health status.

MGH Center for Community Health Improvement provides 420 youth (grades 3 through college) with academic, life, and career skills that expand and enhance their educational and career options through activities related to science, technology, engineering and math. These activities enable exploration and skill development through experiences and relationships related to health and science subjects and careers. The Center also engages families across all programs.

Meet Ivana Maya of Jamaica Plain, an alumna of Edward M. Kennedy Academy for Health Careers and a student at Simmons College. Ivana participated in MGH Youth Scholars’ Alumni Summer Program. This new program provided alumni/graduates of the MGH High School Program with employment and networking opportunities as part of their continued learning and professional development. Ivana is pursuing an undergraduate degree in nursing.

What was your MGH internship this summer?

My MGH Internship was in the Endocrine, Lipid, and Thyroid Department where my internship provided me with a balance of working directly with patients taking vitals; i.e. blood pressure; while also helping to support some of the administration functions of the department.   

How did this experience differ from your MGH High School Program internship?

This program felt more mature. I felt as though I was able to work more independently this summer. It felt like a more “grown-up” job.

Why are you studying nursing?

I am pursing a nursing degree because of the great experience I had as a high school intern in the Emergency Department. Working in that environment sparked my interest in nursing.

What are some of the important lessons you will take back to your studies this fall?

I will take with me everything I learned this summer, from working closely with the medical assistant and nurses to answering the phones. Everything I learned this summer will help me in the future.

What advice would you give to students in the MGH Youth Scholars Program as they consider a health or science course of study in college?

If you are looking for a rewarding job, I think the health field is where you’ll find that.

What is your favorite part of the internship/and or /Alumni Program and why? 

I loved the fact that my internship in the Alumni Program provided me with a more mature and independent experience. I also love that I was able to work closely with the nurse and medical assistant as it provided me with hands-on experience in working in providing patient care. I also felt a greater sense of confidence in my decision to pursue nursing and in my abilities.

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