The Obesity, Metabolism and Nutrition Institute (OMNI) at Massachusetts General Hospital is a multidisciplinary research and education center focused on obesity and its related disorders.

The Obesity, Metabolism and Nutrition Institute (OMNI) at Massachusetts General Hospital is a multidisciplinary research and education center that investigates obesity and its complications, as well as the molecular, cellular and physiological regulation of energy balance and metabolic function.

Through collaborations with departments throughout Mass General, including the Mass General Weight Center, OMNI takes a comprehensive approach to obesity research. This approach brings together the expertise of Mass General physicians, researchers, scientists and medical staff to study the biology and genetics of obesity and offer clinical trials to test new and innovative treatment options.

Additionally, OMNI partners with local institutions, including Harvard Medical School, Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Children’s Hospital Boston and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, to further obesity research.

Advancing Effective Treatment for Obesity

OMNI's goal is to advance the understanding and treatment of obesity and related disorders through research and education. Our scientists work to improve the treatment of obesity and related disorders by:

  • Researching its mechanisms, causes and actions
  • Developing novel therapies
  • Educating health professionals, policymakers and the general public about obesity-related issues
  • Communicating, disseminating and applying scientific advances

Additionally, OMNI seeks to:

  • Gain a greater understanding of the regulation of energy balance and the pathophysiology of obesity
  • Develop and evaluate innovative therapies for the treatment of obesity and related disorders
  • Increase understanding of the many different factors that contribute to human obesity and its clinical implications
  • Promote consideration of obesity as a disease and to reduce disparities in the care of patients with this disease
  • Foster more effective collaboration among clinicians and investigators with an interest in obesity and other metabolic disorders
  • Support and promote the subspecialty of obesity medicine

Advancing Innovation in Obesity Medicine and Nutrition

Innovative research performed at OMNI has led to breakthroughs in our understanding of the biology of obesity and the identification of possible new treatments for this disease. Outcomes from the OMNI research program include:  

  • Discovering means of predicting if individuals will respond successfully to bariatric surgery
  • Identifying the contribution of gastrointestinal microbiota to weight loss and improved metabolic function after bariatric surgery
  • Demonstrating the effectiveness of innovative technology in obesity treatment

Developing the Field of Obesity Medicine Through Education

OMNI offers unique educational opportunities for health care professionals in the field of obesity medicine and nutrition. A comprehensive, holistic approach to researching obesity and its complications provides fellows, interns and other medical staff members with access to complex cases and hands-on clinical training.

Our trainees work with individuals who are advancing the field of obesity medicine. Faculty at OMNI conduct innovative research to understand and treat patients with obesity, serve in leadership positions at relevant medical societies, speak at national and international conferences, publish frequently and teach courses on trends in obesity medicine.

The highlight of OMNI's educational programming is the Blackburn Course in Obesity Medicine, which is a multiday continuing medical education course offered yearly to medical professionals.

Additionally, OMNI provides a five-day, hands-on clinical preceptorship for practicing physicians. Both the preceptorship and the Blackburn Course in Obesity Medicine provide an intensive, in-depth education on obesity as a disease and the latest innovations in treatment.