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Innovative Research

The Postdoctoral Fellowship in Obesity Medicine and Nutrition at the Massachusetts General Hospital Obesity, Metabolism and Nutrition Institute (OMNI) is open to candidates who possess a medical degree or a doctorate and a strong interest in the gastrointestinal regulation of energy balance and metabolic function.

OMNI is staffed by a collaborative, multidisciplinary research and education team that investigates the causes of obesity and its complications. Our researchers consistently publish their work in peer-reviewed journals and present at conferences in the field of obesity medicine and bariatric surgery. Throughout this program, fellows will have the opportunity to present the progress and results of their work both internally at laboratory meetings and externally at scientific conferences and other events.


Successful applicants will demonstrate an ability to work independently to design and conduct innovative experiments. Ideal candidates will possess:

  • A record of scientific accomplishment in graduate or post-graduate studies, as demonstrated by one or more first authorships in peer-reviewed journals 
  • A graduate thesis on a topic pertinent to the research done at the Obesity, Metabolism and Nutrition Institute
  • Outstanding communication skills, as evidenced by successful presentations at relevant conferences or meetings
  • The ability to collaborate with others within a team setting

Applicants with one of the following backgrounds are an ideal candidate for the Postdoctoral Fellowship:

  • Doctorate or equivalent degree in a relevant scientific discipline (such as biochemistry, neuroscience, physiology, molecular biology, genetics or endocrinology)
  • Medical degree with previous research training or experience seeking further research training in this area
  • Surgery resident or fellow seeking intensive basic research training in obesity medicine

Research Experience

Postdoctoral fellows work collaboratively with several members of the Obesity, Metabolism and Nutrition Institute (OMNI), including other postdoctoral fellows, technologists, clinicians and the clinical research team, the research program manager and the director of OMNI.

As a member of OMNI, fellows will also have access to the resources provided by Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Broad Institute, as well as other academic and industry collaborators. 

For more information about the research conducted at OMNI, please contact Dorothy Pazin, PhD, Research Program Manager, at dpazin@partners.org.

How to Apply

Candidates interested in the Postdoctoral Fellowship in Obesity Medicine and Nutrition should send a current CV and cover letter to Dorothy Pazin, PhD, research program manager, at dpazin@partners.org, or at 617-724-7697.