Fellowships, Internships and Job Opportunities at MIND

The MassGeneral Institute for Neurodegenerative Disease (MIND) is committed to training the next generation of researchers in neurological diseases. MIND’s senior researchers are members of the faculty of Harvard Medical School and have appointments in their relevant Massachusetts General Hospital departments.  Laboratories within the Institute host undergraduates, medical students, Ph.D. graduate students, and post-doctoral fellows.  Recent college graduates exploring careers in science or medicine are often employed as laboratory technicians.

As a part of the Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, MIND offers a rich environment.  Trainees can attend seminars within MIND, at the neighboring research centers on the Charlestown campus, Neurology Grand Rounds at the hospital, and a wealth of other educational and training opportunities sponsored by the Institute, The Harvard Center for Neurodegeneration and Repair, Harvard Medical School or other collaborators.

How to Apply

To identify job openings and internships that you may be interested in and qualified for please visit the MGH Careers Website at http://www.massgeneral.org/careers/. This site is updated daily, so we encourage you to check back regularly.

PhD Programs

For inquiries about PhD programs through our affiliate, Harvard Medical School, please go to http://www.hms.harvard.edu/dms/index.html.

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