MGHfC Digestive Disease Summer Research Symposium
Friday, August 7, 2015
Building 114 - 1st Floor Conference Room D1, D2, D3

TimeTitle and Presenter
8:15 to
8:30 am
Welcome Breakfast

8:30 to
8:35 am
Bryan Hurley, PhD
Director, MGHfC Digestive Disease Summer Research Program
Welcome and Opening Remarks
8:35 to
8:50 am
Avira Som
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Hurley/Tearney Lab
"Developing Optical Imaging Techniques to Evaluate Neutrophil Migration and Epithelial Membrane Integrity"
8:50 to
9:05 am
Urvya Iyer
New Jersey Institute of Technology
Irimia Lab
"Computational Modeling of Neutrophil Swarming"
9:05 to
9:20 am
Aminah Sallam
University of Chicago
Göbel Lab
"The Elusive C. Elegans Gut Granules: a Possible Role in Directional Trafficking and Innate Immunity"
9:20 to
9:35 am
Kaitlin Berry
DePauw University
Jain/Seed Lab
"Role of RXRA in Immune System Development"
9:35 to
9:50 am
Hannah Seay
Mount Holyoke University
Shreffler Lab
"The Gut Microbiota in Allergic Proctocolitis"
9:50 to
10:05 am
Ziv Cohen
UMass Amherst
Walker Lab
"Probiotic-conditioned Media Protects Intestinal Epithelial Cells from Oxygen Deprivation-induced Cell Death: a Possible Mechanism for Necrotizing Enterocolitis"
10:05 to
10:25 am
Coffee Break
10:25 to
10:40 am
Julia Roell
DePauw University
Shi Lab
"Influence of Helminth Infection on a High Fat Diet Induced Obesity in Mice"
10:40 to
10:55 am
Annabelle Batten
Carleton College
Harris Lab
"Resistance to Reactive Oxygen Species in Vibrio Cholerae"

10:55 to
11:10 am

Peter Fink
University of Notre Dame
Faherty/Fasano Lab
"A Load of B.S.: Expression of Shigella Flexneri's S2558 Gene During Bile Salt Exposure"
11:10 to
11:25 am
Caitlin Joelle Cain
Georgetown University
Cherayil Lab
"Mechanisms Involved in Commensal Induced IL-1 Secretion by Macrophages"
11:25 to
11:30 am
Jason Harris, MD, MPH
Introduction of our Invited Guest Speaker for 2015
11:30 am to
12:30 pm
Richelle Charles, MD
Mass General Division of Infectious Diseases
"Improving Diagnostics for Typhoid Fever"
12:30 to
12:35 pm
Bryan Hurley, PhD
Concluding Remarks and Acknowledgements


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