Referring Patients to the Division of Nephrology This team approach, combined with our tradition, makes MGH Division of Nephrology a great choice for renal care. We offer patients the following:

Convenient Location

For your patients’ convenience, we have opened a new ambulatory facility, conveniently located at 165 Cambridge Street, Suite 302 in Boston. To ensure that all pertinent information is available to caregivers at both locations, we have advanced patient information and clinical imaging management systems.

On-Site Phlebotomy at Our Boston Site

In addition to the full suite of services offered in Boston, phlebotomy services are also provided in our outpatient laboratory on site. These include venipuncture on adults/elders and urinanalysis/urine sediment procedures. 

Access to Clinical Trials

Massachusetts General Hospital’s long history of leadership in clinical investigation, as well as the concentration of multidisciplinary expertise in the Division of Nephrology, will ensure that patients have access to the broadest spectrum of investigational devices and drugs.

Community Education and Screening

It is important that patients learn to recognize whether they are at risk for renal failure, when they are experiencing symptoms, and when to seek appropriate medical care. Towards that end, we offer community education programs for patients with risk factors. Once identified, those patients will have access to the most appropriate care. Click here to learn more...


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