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Wojciechowski Laboratory

The David Wojciechowski Laboratory's clinical research is focused on the prevention and treatment of viral infection post-kidney transplant, improving access to transplantation, and the evaluation of immunosuppressive regimens focusing on novel agents and drug combinations in order to maximize patient and graft outcomes and minimize toxicity.


Our clinical research group is part of the MGH Transplant Center. We have several multidisciplinary collaborations with teams from transplant hepatology, transplant surgery, and transplant infectious diseases. We also have ongoing collaborations with researchers from other transplant centers.  

Viral infections such as BKV and CMV remain common problems after kidney transplantation. Our group is involved in several protocols to evaluate novel treatment strategies for these infections as well as immune monitoring to determine the optimal prophylaxis duration and assess infectious risk post-transplant. We have expanded our efforts to study Hepatitis C and HIV in the kidney transplant population. We are part of a clinical trial to treat Hepatitis C post-transplant and are working with our OPO to develop an HIV+ to HIV+ kidney transplant protocol.

Access to transplantation is also variable across racial and demographic lines. We are working with another large transplant program to develop a web-based educational tool for patients to better inform their decision making about transplant options and transplant literacy.

Lastly, although acute rejection rates are low chronic rejection remains a long-term problem. Additionally, current immunosuppression is plaqued by toxicity and side effects. We are part of clinical trials evaluating novel immunosuppressive agents and combinations of agents in order to minimize toxicity profiles and maximize patient and graft outcomes.


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Assistant Professor of Medicine
Director of Transplant Nephrology Clinical Research

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