• Center for Renal Education

    Center for Renal Education

    The Center for Renal Education provides education about Chronic Kidney Disease and its management and individualized plans of care that include nutritional counseling, blood pressure management, medication review and supportive services.

  • Chronic Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis (CAPD) Program

    Chronic Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis (CAPD) Program

    The Peritoneal Dialysis Unit provides training and long term management for the patient who selects peritoneal dialysis as home therapy. Staffed by experienced peritoneal dialysis nurses, manual and automated home peritoneal dialysis is available.

  • Hemodialysis Unit

    Hemodialysis Unit

    The Hemodialysis Unit consists of 11 patient stations in the dialysis unit. Equipment is available for staff to dialyze patients throughout the facility, such as intensive care units and medical surgical floors. The unit provides both acute and chronic therapy.

  • Kidney Transplantation Program

    Kidney Transplantation Program

    The Kidney Transplantation Program at the Massachusetts General Hospital Transplant Center has been offering comprehensive evaluation and care for patients with chronic renal failure, including end-stage renal disease, since 1963.

  • Renal Associates Clinic

    Renal Associates Clinic

    Renal Associates provides services in general nephrology including diabetes, water and electrolyte disorders, kidney disease in pregnancy, urinary tract infections, and primary and secondary diseases of the kidney.

  • Resistant Hypertension Program

    Resistant Hypertension Program

    The Resistant Hypertension Program specializes in the evaluation, diagnosis and management of patients with resistant or difficult to treat hypertension.

  • Vasculitis and Glomerulonephritis Center

    Vasculitis and Glomerulonephritis Center

    The Vasculitis and Glomerulonephritis Center at Massachusetts General Hospital conducts leading-edge research and provides specialty care for patients with vasculitis, glomerulonephritis and related conditions.